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Our Care Workers continue to show how dedicated they are to their profession and how much their service users mean to them, and they to their clients. We value their huge contribution to our response as a community to this challenge as they continue to deliver excellent service in these troubling times and we all appreciate and applaud them.

I have had confirmation that at the minute we are receiving sufficient PPE from the national distribution centre, and  all social care staff will be given PPE in keeping with the latest national guidance. As has been our practice from day one of this pandemic, we continue to follow national guidance and the supplies we get of PPE are based on that guidance.

Can I conclude by thanking all Care Staff for their patience and professionalism. We are repeatedly, across our island communities , seeing evidence of what a wonderful and highly dedicated workforce they are. I think it is becoming apparent what the social care workforce offers communities across the UK is at long last receiving the recognition it deserves.