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Councillor Mackay says: “Although our resources and capacity are largely devoted to our three key objectives in relation to COVID-19 - keeping our statutory and support services operating to the highest level possible; keeping our clients, customers, employees and members safe; and providing community leadership, information and external advocacy, we are continuing to run the ordinary business of the Comhairle as best we can.

“Work continues on policy issues and Councillor Uisdean Robertson, the Chief Executive and colleagues attended a teleconference this week, regarding the Islands (Scotland) Act, the Director for Communities attended a Workshop with Orkney and Shetland Councils on the projects which we hope will comprise the Growth Deal for the Islands, and we have responded to recent correspondence on Energy issues.  Although all of these matters are a key part of the ongoing work, we are also considering our preparations for the recovery phase post COVID-19.

“The Comhairle continues to work closely with Public Health, Department of Work and Pensions, Hebridean Housing Partnership and other local partners. This work will, of course, continue over the Easter weekend.

“I would reiterate the advice from Government to the public – please do stay at home unless absolutely essential and adhere to the physical distancing guidelines.

“We have sought to try and keep families engaged with activities on social media and will continue to communicate updates at the earliest possible opportunity.

The following are updates on the various Comhairle services which have been continuing, and will continue, this coming week.”