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Mary Schmoller has been re-elected as chair of Sealladh na Beinne Mòire following a meeting of the new board of directors.

Mary will be joined by existing director Norman MacAskill, re-elected directors DJ Cameron, Donnie Steele and Catriona Walker, along with new directors Ronnie MacKenzie and Iain Stephen Morrison.

Speaking after her re-election, Mary said: “I am delighted to have been re-elected as Chairperson, and I would thank my fellow directors for their support.

“The re-election of Catriona, Donnie and DJ means stability and continuity, while the new directors, Iain Stephen and Ronnie, will bring fresh ideas.

I look forward to working with the board and to moving forward with both the projects underway at Stòras and with new ideas and plans.”

The subsidiary boards of Lochboisdale Development Ltd and South Uist Renewable Energy Ltd will be made up of Donnie Steele, Mary Schmoller, Iain Stephen Morrison and DJ Cameron (LDL) and Norman MacAskill, Catriona Walker, Ronnie MacKenzie and Mary Schmoller (SURE).

Chairs for these boards will be elected at the first meetings of these new boards scheduled for October.