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Liniclate Sports Centre’s swimming pool is operating normally today (Tuesday, September 19).

But users are asked to bring their filled water bottles as the centre’s water fountains are out of use until their water filters have been replaced.

Meanwhile, lifeguard tryouts will be held between 6 and 7 pm on Friday (September 22) and Wednesday, October 4.

Would-be lifeguards must be aged 16+ and should register their interest by calling 01870 603693.

The sports centre expects potential lifeguards to be able to swim 50 metres in 60 seconds, dive to the bottom of the pool, dive from the side of the pool, climb out of the pool unaided, have strong communication skills, and be ready to start training soon.

A spokesperson added: “By being a lifeguard, you can not only make a difference to a person’s life, but also your own life as there are loads of other benefits too. Have a chance to travel with an internationally known qualification and flexible working hours that suit you and your lifestyle.”