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A £650 donation has been made to Iochdair Community Council’s beach wheelchairs initiative by the Lovats Supermarket Making A Difference Locally charity.

The funds are raised weekly via purchases made in the Carnan supermarket in South Uist.

Announcing the latest award, Lovats Supermarket thanked customers for their support and helping to fund the charity pot.

Posting on their Facebook page, Lovats Supermarket said: “This money is solely going towards the project of providing beach wheelchairs for those with mobility disabilities to access and enjoy time on our stunning sands in Iochdair and be able to dip their toes and fingers into the shallow water of the sea. An experience many may have never had before, providing a huge benefit mentally and spiritually for both the chair user and their carer/families.”

The aim is to provide an adult and child beach wheelchair and a foldable beach walking frame.

They will be free to use but with the option of donating towards maintenance costs.

It is also planned to have a storage container or shed at the beach with a tap to wash off sand and saltwater.

Lovats Supermarket in Carnan will have a charity box at the checkout shortly as this project will require funds all year round.  

Funding is also being sought from national bodies as the initial start-up sum required is estimated to be around £10,000.