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The Rockall Expedition has set a world record…for record contacts from the lonely granite outcrop in the North Atlantic.

After scrutinizing their logs, team members Emil Bergmann and Nobby Styles discovered the expedition had made amateur radio history.

The total number of radio contacts was 7227 over 54 hours of transmission. Of the contacts, 3800 were in Morse Code, 1500 were voice contacts, and the remainder were digital radio messages.

Over four days and three nights operating the radio sets on Rockall, the duo of expert radio operators scored world records for Rockall transmissions on all three bands.

Meanwhile, Emil is also claiming two other firsts. First German citizen to stay overnight on Rockall and the first German radio ham to operate from there.

Commenting on the achievement, one Rockall Expedition online follower said he had finally scored a Rockall radio hit after a 35-year wait.

Yesterday, Cam Cameron, the sole team member attempting to break the world record for continuous occupancy of Rockall, released a video shot by the documentary team shortly before returning to Inverkip on board the Taeping.

He now faces another 35 days alone with seabirds until he breaks the current record for surviving on Rockall.