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Dementia Awareness Week

Monday 29th May to 4th June


One thing, not everything

People with dementia can learn new things, continue with work and hobbies, and live a full, enjoyable life.


Dementia is just one thing about a person – it's not everything

Each year, Dementia Awareness Week (DAW) is held with the aim of raising awareness of dementia and helping improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers. 


This year, we will consider the stigma people
with dementia continue to face,
with a particular focus on those facing it earlier in life.

Dementia doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?

We want you to see the person behind the diagnosis.

Dementia does not define someone.


This year Dementia Awareness Week will run from Monday 29 May until Sunday 4 June. 


We will be holding events, sharing stories and information at a range of venues and across our website and our social media channels.

For Information, support and advice please contact:-

Alzheimer Scotland Western Isles

Tel – 01851 702123

Catriona MacRitchie Locality Leader/Service Manager

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