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The Funeral Fund Association for Lewis, which recently explained how it was placing its affairs on a more modern, professional footing, is still facing a major challenge from almost 40 Funeral Fund members who are identified on the incoming bank payments only by surnames…such as Macleod. 

The group says: "After the recent publicity about the Funeral Fund Association for Lewis, very many members have been able to update their payments through the bank.

"For almost everyone this has gone smoothly, and the Fund has been able to easily amend their records.

"However, the Fund has almost 40 direct payments appearing on bank statements with little or no detail as to who has made the payment.

"Of these, some are appearing for the second year.

"Much time has been spent by the Fund trying, and failing, to establish the identity of these payers, some of whom are paying for up to ten people.

"While not meaning to name and shame, to give an example, the name Macleod appears as a payer ten times.

"If you think that you did not supply your full details, your initial & surname & address, with your bank payment, please contact the Fund so your payment can be added to our records."

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Phone: 07516 545375

Write: Iain Macsween, Funeral Fund Chairman, Westlea, 8b Shulishader, Point. Isle of Lewis HS2 0PU