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Extend quarry

Angus Maciver Ltd, of Rigs Road, Stornoway, has applied for planning permission to extend the Loch Leiniscal Quarry on Lochs Road.

The company is looking to obtain planning permission for 31 years, with the identified rock reserve being extracted over 30 years and a further year required to restore the 5.68-hectare site.
The proposal is to extract and propose 600,000 tonnes of hard rock at an average production rate of 20,000 tonnes per annum over 30 years.

The quarry extension means increasing the existing excavation area by some 1.74 hectares.

Angus Maciver Ltd was granted planning permission for the quarry in December 2004. Consent was granted for just over 32 years, expiring in March 2037.

According to their application, a significant proportion of consented reserve has now been extracted, and it is estimated that the remaining life of the quarry is in the region of five years. However, as the hard rock quarry is a key component within Angus Maciver Ltd’s business and is in demand locally, the company wishes to extend the excavation area and duration of operations at Loch Leiniscal.

According to supporting information submitted by the applicant, the quarry’s location is considered unlikely to have any significant amenity impact.

“Accordingly, the assessment of impacts focuses largely on potential environmental impacts, which have been identified as being: the potential impact on the water environment (hydrology, hydrogeology and surface water run-off); the potential for impact on Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems; and the potential impact on peat,” states the applicant’s consultants, Dalgleish Associates.

They contend that no other potentially significant environmental or amenity impacts have been identified.

“Impacts in relation to the other aspects, such as landscape and visual, ecology, noise, dust, blast vibration, archaeology and transportation, are likely to be of little or no significance and, where required, are already adequately controlled by planning conditions or other legislation,” their report adds.

Proposed skatepark

Tong Recreation Association has submitted a planning consent application for a skatepark behind the community centre.

An area of 599 square metres within the recreation area is being proposed for the development, including a quarterpipe, banks, a double stair set with rails, and a funbox with a curved ledge.

Erect a house

Planning permission is being sought to erect a house at 5A Mangersta, Uig.

The applicant, Derek Scanlan, of 5 Mangersta, plans to erect a single-storey dwelling and private drainage system.

The proposals have been submitted afresh after the size of the proposed dwelling on the 914-square-metre site was reduced.

Erect a polycarbonate tunnel

The Comhairle has received a prior notification and approval submission for a polycarbonate tunnel at 7 Fivepenny, Ness.

The applicant, Doreen Grainger, of the same address, wishes to erect a 10 x 4-metre polycrub to grow fruit and vegetables.

Erect a house

Planning permission is being sought to erect a house and install twin air source heat pumps at 13F Steinish.

The applicant, Mark Macdonald of 37 Balallan, wishes to build a two-storey, four-bedroom home with an integrated garage.

Create a 9-bay car park

Calanais Visitor Centre has applied for planning consent to extend their car park to create nine additional parking spaces.

The land earmarked is currently rough ground but may have been a kitchen garden in the past, the application points out.

Erect a house

In principle planning permission is being sought to erect a house at 18A Crossbost.

The applicant, Kenny Macleod, of 54 Leurbost.