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A second North Uist ancient monument is set to be added soon to the augmented archaeology app Uist Unearthed.

Dùn Torcuill is Uist’s best-surviving broch, a type of massive stone roundhouse.

It will join Dùn an Sticir, an Iron Age broch, on North Uist that was 1000 years old by the time the 14th century Lordship of the Isles built a grand hall into its collapsed ruins.

Brochs like Dùn Torcuill are historically significant as they are substantially bigger and taller than what had been built before. Today, they are considered an iconic part of Scotland’s prehistoric landscape.

Announcing the forthcoming addition to their mobile app, Uist Unearthed commented: “Brochs are amazing examples of drystone engineering – the people who built them had an excellent understanding of architecture. Here in the Outer Hebrides, they stood tall against the intense Atlantic gales, with the inhabitants making the most of the natural resources available to them.

“Fresh timber, driftwood, heather, barley straw and tough, unyielding gneiss were all vital ingredients in constructing some of the most impressive prehistoric structures still standing today.”

Uist Unearthed, launched in July 2021, is an augmented reality app for the virtual archaeological exploration of 4000 years of Uist’s rich heritage.