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The fast-maturing world of island distillation was joined by a trio of new spirits yesterday (Tuesday 24 January), as a new gin, rum and whisky all go on sale online.

The forthcoming Benbecula Distillery is not yet in a position to make their own single malt whisky – although that is planned – but bottling and blending company MacMillan Spirits has launched products into the market.

Online today (at is eight-year-old Molucca golden rum, named for the heart-shaped Molucca pods which find their way to Hebridean shores and actually created from an unfiltered blend of eight rums selected to create a complex, rich and warming blend.

Its fellow spirits are a herbaceous, aromatic gin called Machair, made with island heather and wild angelica root, and a single-cask, single malt whisky, distilled on Islay and bottled after eight years, called Wheelhouse.

Father and son Angus A and Angus E MacMillan have launched the spirits as part of their bottling and blending portfolio, but they’re also behind the Benbecula Distillery, under construction at Gramsdale.

The pictures show the three new spirits, with bottle labels designed by Minneapolis-based surrealist designer Nick Dahlen (MacMillan Spirits Ltd).