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Donations for refugees who are without shelter or warm clothing are beginning to make an appreciable pile in a Stornoway storage unit.

A locally-organised collection in support of the national charity Care4Calais opened on Saturday, with 14 businesses across Lewis and Harris offering their contribution to an intense week of collection.

Warm clothes, accessories and, especially, coats are being taken in for refugees sleeping rough in northern France and Belgium.

Stornoway business Western Isles Delivery Services has offered temporary storage and a dedicated transport run to Glasgow early next week, so that everything collected in the islands can be moved swiftly on towards helping people out where the help is needed.

Early signs are of a very good response, with at least two of the 13 collection points in Lewis and Harris already calling to request an uplift of donations.

Organiser Annemiek Kok said: “The storage space at Sandwick Bay Living on South Beach and at Blackhouse Bakery in Plasterfield were full already. An amazing start!”

Blackhouse Bakery had even gone the extra mile, donating storage crates for their contributions and packing and labelling every item according to size and use.

Collection points will be open until this Friday (27 January), after which all donations will be uplifted and gathered at Stornoway.

Western Isles Delivery Services intend to make a run to Glasgow with the donations on Tuesday next week.

You can find a full list of donation points and opening times at

The pictures show some of the first donations going into the storage unit with the help of Western Isles Delivery Services (Western Isles Emergency Appeals).