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The Linda Norgrove Foundation is looking to bring female Afghani university students to Scotland after higher education for women was suspended in Afghanistan.

Last month the Taliban regime banned female students from continuing their studies.

The move was a blow to the charity as they sponsor 137 women studying medicine, midwifery and nursing.

In the wake of the announcement, the Uig-based foundation operated by Lorna and John Norgrove immediately contacted their sponsored students to reassure them their living allowances would continue to be paid.

Over the last few weeks, the charity has been exploring other options to support their sponsored students' studies.

Says the foundation: “One of the most important and long-lasting ways we support women in Afghanistan is by funding their education.

“We provide scholarships for women studying to be doctors, midwives and dentists. And we also sponsor young women studying law, economics or business studies. The women have had to overcome many hardships to get to university and continue to face difficulties while studying.”

One of the options under serious consideration is bringing the students to Scotland to continue their studies. Some of the sponsored women are final-year medical students.