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Extend a house

Planning consent is being sought to extend the house at 8 Howmore and roof a Nissen house at the address.

The proposal is to erect a single-storey extension to the existing four-bedroom dwelling and remodel the interior. It is also proposed to reroof and renovate an existing Nissen hut on the property.

The applicant is Arabella Smiley of Valley Farm House, Higham, Suffolk.

According to the design statement submitted, the existing house was built in the 1980s.

It further states that the proposed alterations to the dwelling and the proposed extension have been designed to be “sympathetic to the site, taking significant consideration of the historical context.”

It is proposed to remove the roof tiles and replace them with a black finish sinusoidal corrugated roof sheeting. The existing chimney stack is also to be removed to a more open-plan interior.

The existing Nissen hut is to be re-roofed and used to store a boat and as a drying area with a sauna.

The property is located within the Conservation Area of Howmore. To the west lies the remains of a former chapel, and to the north are Teampull Mor’s remains.