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Imagine the excitement of seeing a product that you brought into existence, being stocked in one of the UK’s premium food stores.

Now imagine that you stop into a branch to see it for yourself – and find that the shelf is empty!

Far from being disappointed, partners Katie and Michael Morrison were even more excited yesterday (Thursday 12 January) when they discovered one of the 120 branches of Waitrose stocking Barra Atlantic Gin had already sold out of the product.

The Isle of Barra Distillers Company announced only two days ago that their Barra Atlantic Gin was to be stocked by Waitrose.

And as we reported (, it’s the first time a spirit from the Outer Hebrides has been chosen for distribution by a UK-wide supermarket.

But they posted on social media last night: “We stopped by Waitrose and Partners in Newton Mearns, Glasgow to see our Barra Atlantic Gin, only to find that it has sold out! 

“We might not have seen our gin, but to see the ticket with our name was pretty special.

“It was so nice going into a Waitrose branch knowing that our gin would be there but then seeing it sold out....that was a really good feeling that we didn't expect.”

The company has received numerous accolades from devotees of their wild island spirit, even from one Waitrose retail buyer, who admitted she was also delighted to see the island-distilled gin arriving on the shelves.

She posted today on the Isle of Barra Facebook page, saying: “Being a partner of 22 years at Waitrose and a frequent visitor to this fantastic island – I am so chuffed to see Barra Gin on sale in Waitrose!”

The picture shows the space on the shelf at Newton Mearns Waitrose, no doubt soon to be restocked (Isle of Barra Distillers Company).