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It would appear that in all the critical hand-wringing over the Harry and Meghan Netflix series, the broadband crisis in the Uig district of Lewis has been inadverntently referenced.

The controversial TV series has just launched on the streaming service and attracted equal amounts of criticism on both sides of the Atlantic.

Among the many American commentators taking a potshot at the ex-Royals was former US editor of Vanity Fair magazine and Royal biographer Tina Brown.

She was scathing in her criticism, saying she snored through three hours of the series as there was "hardly a new thing" on offer.

She took issue with how Harry and Meghan had presented themselves as two people who had never told their story despite having spilt the Royal beans on Oprah's show and continued to do so.

Unwittingly taking a sideswipe at the broadband and phone coverage in Uig, Brown added: "But their stance is as if they are two people who left the royal family and sort of went off to live in the outer hebrides (sic) without cellphones and have now come to their farmhouse gates to tell the story of how terrible it was, when in fact they left the Royal Family to go into this celebrity fest in Montecito (California) surrounded by other celebrities and have never stopped talking to the press ever since. You can't shut them up."