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A recording featuring spoken Gaelic, psalm-singing, and the sounds of motorboats has been selected as a release of the week by The Vinyl Factory.

Innse Gall by Joshua Bonnetta is one of just ten new tracks to make the cut this week and rubs shoulders with the latest Stormzy release, This is what I mean.

Reviewing Joshua Bonnetta’s offering, The Vinyl Factory’s James Hammond writes: “Focussed on the Outer Hebrides, Joshua Bonnetta’s Innse Gall puts microphone and hydrophone recordings to good use and creates a connective tapestry of the islands’ sounds and language. With wind and water currents as relative constants, psalm-singing, motorboats, Gaelic spoken word, and all manner of other sounds appear and percolate within a mix that creates a constantly shifting sonic horizon. An enveloping set that’s bolstered by its accompanying documentary, essay and photo collection.”

Joshua Bonnetta is a Canadian multimedia artist that explores environmental sound. His work has been exhibited internationally.

Explaining his work, Bonnetta says: “Innse Gall ‘The Islands of the Strangers’ is a companion piece to the film An Dà Shealladh ‘The Two Sights’; a sound-forward documentary that cinematically re-connects the disappearing Gaelic oral tradition of the Outer Hebrides to its surroundings. The accompanying LP explores the shifting acoustic ecology of the islands’ interwoven fragments of dialogue, song, and industry.”

He developed the work from studies made for the film’s soundtrack and used hydrophone and field recordings collected on Barra, Berneray, North Uist, Harris, and Lewis between 2017-19.

A collaborative work themed around the sea with Andy Mackinnon is currently exhibited in Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Entitled “The Sea”, the exhibition is a collection of moving images of the sea. It will be displayed in Gallery 1 at Taigh Chearsabhagh until January 7.

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