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Work on Uig pier in Skye is continuing, with an update provided to Harris residents via the local newsletter De Tha Dol earlier today (Tuesday 22 November).

CMAL’s harbour and engineering liaison manager said: “Drone pictures from October give a good oversight of the project from 6-8 weeks ago – the piling and infill work has continued in this period.

“The barge has moved to complete the piling up to the first roundhead. This Berthing Structure now provides a sheltered ferry berth up to the first roundhead.

“We anticipate piling to be complete up to the start of the outer roundhead by the end of December.

“The outstanding piling to the berthing structure will be the outer dolphin encapsulation and this is subject to the outage works.

“The berthing structure already provides significantly improved shelter for the vessel from the prevailing weather."

The images show an aerial view of the structure from October, and the rock infill between existing and new piling (CMAL).