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An art project running throughout primary schools in the Western Isles has been given the go-ahead by Tesco.

Children's artwork, depicting EcoSanta in a helping role environmentally throughout the whole year, will be displayed in Tesco's windows this Christmas.

This initiative is the brainchild of Ecologisers, the Young People's International Anti-litter & Environmental Charity based in the Outer Hebrides.

Ecologisers have a ten-year project to promote, publicise and popularise EcoSanta as the Children's Environmental Champion.

A spokesperson for Ecologisers said: "It's a full circle story. Santa Claus began life as Saint Nicholas, the Children's Patron.

"Santa's identity has been morphing ever since. We would like to see him reinstated in his original role, a reinvention.

"Mythologically speaking, Santa is the greatest gift-giver. Why restrict his activities to one night a year? You couldn't have a better or more appropriate hero model for a child in our secular age, than EcoSanta.

"When it comes to losing dear old Santa, there's little chance that will happen!

"So why not repurpose his wonderful status to do the opposite and increase his presence on an all-year-round basis?

"It prepares the next generation to face the ecological and environmental issues they'll inherit from their parents."

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