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There’s a chance next week to catch up on some really old island stories 

Mac an t-Srònaich was a fugitive from justice accused of murder and robbery in the early 18th century.

He entered Lewis legend and now the many tales of his exploits are being brought to life in fireside tales with Ryno Morrison and Iain Gordon Macdonald. 

The event on September 29 is being hosted by Comunn Eachdraidh Nis as part of Year of Stories 2022 and will take place at the Cuidhsiadair shielings. There are two story-telling sessions; 12 pm to 2.30 pm in Gaidhlig and 3 pm to 5.30 pm in English. Tickets priced £5 are available from Comunn Eachdraidh Nis. However, numbers are limited.

Transport will leave and return from the history centre.

The outlaw was allegedly the first cousin of Lilly Macaulay, the wife of Rev Robert Finlayson, Keose Manse. He roamed far and wide across the moors. Occasionally he found shelter and food in one of the many outhouses belonging to the manse.

Domhnall Ruadh Beag from Enaclete in Uig is reputedly the only person to have defied the outlaw. Other than him, the menace was said only to fear dogs and ghosts. .

The Procurator Fiscal in Stornoway in 1834 wrote: "There being a man lurking about the Island of Lewis who is suspected of having committed some serious crime but for the present has evaded being brought to justice, and he puts the inhabitants of the Island in fear of their lives."

However, it is believed Mac an t-Srònaich’s reign of terror came to an end with his capture in 1836.

Legend has it that on his way to the gallows, he was asked what he regretted about his life, he replied: “Only two things. The first is that I have murdered a child and the second is that I did not murder the Minister."