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A product launch yesterday (Monday 5 September) brought together the oldest bakery in Stornoway with the Isle of Lewis’s newest baking star, to create a new range of biscuits with a distinctly Hebridean flavour.

Stag Bakeries, founded in 1885, have chosen London’s Speciality and Fine Food Fair to launch their new Hebridean Baker range, marrying great tradition with the star appeal of TikTok-famed Coinneach Macleod of Cromore.

Hebridean Baker shortbread and oaties in six different flavours come packaged with a quirky image of Coinneach and his trusty sidekick Seoras, the West Highland terrier.

Stag announced the launch on their social media, saying that the range was ‘a collaboration brought together out of our shared love for the Hebrides.’

Their spokesperson said: “Together we have created a special range of shortbread and oaties using carefully crafted recipes inspired by the Hebridean way of life.”

Coinneach himself said: “So excited to let you know that in partnership with Stag Bakeries, I am releasing a range of Hebridean Baker shortbread and oatie biscuits!

“With the flavours of whisky, marmalade, heather honey, chocolate, lemon and ginger and mixed berry, they are a real treat.

“At the moment you can buy them at Stag Bakeries in Stornoway and online and soon in shops across the country.”

The pictures show Coinneach at Stag’s stand at the food fair in London yesterday and some of the new range  (Stag Bakeries/Coinneach Macleod).