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Catalogue 35                    August 2022


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  1. The Loyal Lewis Roll of Honour. H.B. Published in 1916, 1st Edition. This record of the men from the Island of Lewis who served in the first year of the Great War. Also, gives a timeline from each month from August 1914-January 2016. The full record of those who served in WW1 was Published in 1920. Gives a list of subscribers at the end of the book. 327 Pages. First page which was blank is missing from the book , otherwise in good condition. £175
  2. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. The Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles. Ninth Report With Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in the Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles. H.B. Published in 1928. 10 Chapters, Index and Maps. 230 Pages. £250
  3. Evil Eye in the Western Highlands by R.C. Maclagan. H.B. Published in 1902. 52 Chapters, Appendix, Index. 232 Pages. £65
  4. Jura Red Deer. Some Account of Jura Red Deer. Facsimilie Reprint of the book originally published in 1890 by H. Evans. H.B. Published in 1993. Only 200 copies were printed of which this is no 9. 38 Pages. £65
  5. Place Names in Glengarry and GlenQuoich and Their Origin by Edward C. Ellice. H.B. Published in 1898. Contents: Introduction, The Glengarry District, The Aberchalder District, The Ardochy District, The Glenquoich District. 127 Pages. £65
  6. Kilcumein and Fort Augustus by Dom Odo Blundell, O.S.B. H.B. Published in 1914. Contents: Kilcumein, Fort Augustus: War, Fort Augustus: Peace, Forgotten Veterans, Appendix. Includes Illustrations. 72 Pages. £45

7.West Calder and Its Lodge (Constituted 13th March 1818) By James Carroll. H.B. Published in 1967. A history of the first 150 years of the Lodge. 6 Chapters, 3 Appendixes. Includes Photographs. 115 Pages. £20

  1. Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness From the Tenth Century by James T. Calder. Second Edition With Historical Notes. Map and Illustrations. H.B. Fully Rebound Published in 1887. 15 Chapters, Appendix, Postscript and Notes to Second Edition, Miscellanous, Caithness IX 1887. Includes Illustrations. 368 Pages. £85

9.The Inner Hebrides and Their Legends by Otta F. Swire. H,B. With D/J Published in 1964. 1st Edition. 13 Chapters, Index and Photographs. Foreword by Dame Flora Macleod.  224 Pages. £12

  1. Harpoon At A Venture by Gavin Maxwell. H.B. With D/J Published in 1952. 1st Edition. 11 Chapters, 3 Appendixes, List of Maps, Illustrations in the Text. Includes Photographs. 272 Pages. £15

11.Report of the Select Committee on The Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland Chairman: R. Roy Wilson M.P. July 1928. Together with the proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendices and Index. H.B. 185 Pages. £45 

12.Fortnight South of Skye by L.A.G. Strong. H.B With D/J. Date of Publishing Unknown. Novel. 12 Chapters and Illustrations. 191 Pages. £10

  1. Transactions of The Highlands and Agricultural Society of Scotland with An abstract of the proceedings at Board and General Meetings, and the premium offered by the Society in 1939. Fifth Series. VOL LI. 22 Chapters. Contents include; Agricultural Of Orkney, AI, Economic Aspects of the Sheep Industry, Recent Grassland trials in the South East of Scotland, Insects and Other Pests of 1938, Prices of Sheep since 1818, Prices of Wool Since 1818, etc, etc. Includes Appendixes and Illustrations. Also, includes a list of members for that year. H.B 739 Pages. £20
  2. Transactions of The Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland with An abstract of the proceedings at Board and General Meetings, and the premium offered by the Society in 1941. Vol LIII. 19 Chapters, Appendixes. Contents include; The Maintenance of Soil Fertility, War Time Stock Feeding, The Bracken Problem, Insects and Other Pests of 1940, The weather in Scotland in 1940 etc, etc. 308 Pages. £15
  3. Eastwood Golf Club A Centenary History by J.S. Paterson. 1893- 1993. H.B. Published in 1993. 18 Chapters and 11 Appendixes. Includes statistics of club trophies, prizewinners a list of Captains. Includes Illustrations. 159 Pages. £15

16.Scotland’s Eastern Coast by Lesley Scott Moncrieff. H.B. With D/J Published in 1963. 1st Edition. A guidebook: from Berwick to Scrabster. Photographs by G. Douglas Bolton. Contents: Berwickshire and Lothians, Fife and the Firths of Forth and Tay, Angus and the Mearns, Aberdeenshire and Banffshire, The Firths of Moray, Beauly and Cromarty, Sutherland and Caithness. 214 Pages. £15

  1. A History of Huntly Cricket Club 1854-1914 by Patrick W Scott. P.B. Date of Printing unknown. 7 Chapters and Statistics. 120 Pages. £8

18.£100 and Up. A Concise Dictionary of Scottish Artists 1750-1950 (Whose Works sell for £100 and Upwards) by Raymond Canale. Booklet, printed in 1987. 26 Pages. £6

  1. Alexander Fleming. The Man and the Myth by Gwyn Macfarlane. P.B. Originally Published in 1984, this P.B. Edition is from 1985. 22 Chapters, Sources, References, Fleming’s Honour’s, Fleming’s Main Scientific Papers, Index.304 Pages. £6
  2. Kirkcaldy Potteries by Carol McNeill. P.B. Published in 1998. Contents: Sites, Products, People, Artists, Owners, Value, Selective Bibliography, Index. 96 Pages. £8

21.Traditions of Sea Bird Fowling in the North Atlantic Region. P.B. Published in 2005. This volume is based on contributions made at an International Conference organised by the Islands Book Trust between the 9thand 11th September 2004. 9 Chapters which include many photographs. 215 Pages. £10

  1. Can Threatened Languages be Saved. Edited by Joshua A. Fishman. P.B. Published in 2001. Contents: The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, The Pacific, Conclusions and Index. 18 Chapters in Total. 503 Pages. £15

23.The Historic Sheilings of Pairc, Isle of Lewis. By John Randall. P.B. Published in 2017. Contents: Introduction, What are Sheilings?, Where are the Sheilings in Pairc?, Oral History and Folklore of the Sheilings, Conclusions, Appendixes. Includes Photographs. 80 Pages. £10

  1. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1962. Magazine type publication. Contains the usual articles of historical and newsworthy items from that year. Also, has a great selection of photographs from the various events that took part that year. Includes many adverts of local businesses of the time. 50 Pages. £8
  2. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1975. A4 Magazine type publication. Contains the usual articles of historical and relevant to the year of publication. Numerous photographs old and new and adverts. Pages 43 to 46 have been torn out. 47 Pages. £5

26.Achmore Stone Circle by Margaret and Gerard Ponting. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 1981. Privately Published only 200 Copies Printed. 56 Pages which also include drawings and Photographs. £10

27.Census of Scotland 1951. Preliminary Report of the Fifteenth Census of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1951. The Book is in Three Parts: One: Introduction, Two: Summary -Population of Scotland, Notes on Individual County Populations, Gaelic Speaking Population. Three: Population Tables. 47 Pages. £65

  1. Shetland’s Roll of Honour and Roll of Service 1939-1945. Compiled by Ian Jamieson. H.B. Published in 1991. 204 Pages. Includes Newspaper Cuttings about the Book. £45
  2. The Hebrides An Aerial View of a Cultural Landscape By Angus & Patricia Macdonald. Foreword by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 10 Chapters, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction and Map Of The Hebrides, Notes, Bibliography, Index.320 Pages. £20
  3. The Ancient Monuments of the Western Isles. A Historic Scotland Publication. A Visitors Guide to the Principal Historic Sites and Monuments. Text by Noel Fojut, Denys Pringle and Bruce Walker. Edited by Denys Pringle. P.B. Published in 1994. 11 Chapters, Introduction, Further Reading. Includes many photographs. 72 Pages. £8

31.Notice of The Excavation of a  Broch at Jarlhof, Sumburgh, Shetland by John Bruce of Sumburgh. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the society of Antiquaries of Scotland December 10, 1906. Booklet, 33 Pages. £15

  1. The Book of Ross by Donald Macdonald. Sutherland and Caithness by A.Polson and Orkney and Shetland by James Brown. Descriptive, Historical and Antiquarian Plates. Numerous Illustrations. P.B. Date of Printing Unknown. Covers all the villages and towns of Ross Shire and Caithness and Sutherland. Includes Adverts. 142 Pages. £35

33.The Vagaries of Lady Harvey by Frank Cowper. The  meanderings of a freak among the Orkneys and elsewhere. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972. Originally Published in 1930. 21 Chapters. 200 Pages. £10

34.Pentland Hero by Roy N. Pederson. The amazing story of Andrew Banks from Orkney who set up Pentland Ferries, in the late 1990’s without a penny of public subsidy and continues to this day to run a ferry service between Orkney and Gills Bay. A story worth reading. P.B. Published in 2010. 22 Chapters, Appendixes and Illustrations. 156 Pages. £6

  1. Revivals in the Highlands by Angus MacGillivray. P.B. Published in 2016. The original was published in 1859. Contents: Foreword, Author’s Note, Introduction, Revivals of Religion, General Results, Illustrative Sketches, Concluding Remarks. 65 Pages. £6
  2. Sir Isaac Newton President of the Royal Society 1703-1727. Lectures delivered on the occasion of the anniversary meeting of the Royal Society to commemorate the tercentenary of his birth 1942. Booklet, 44 Pages. £10
  3. Geography of the County of Sutherland. Adapted to the new code. With Coloured Mapand Illustrations. Part One: Natural Features, Part Two: Industrial Pursuits and Population. Pamphlet, 16 Pages. Not Dated. £25
  4. Geography of the County of Inverness Adapted to the New Code. With Coloured Map and Illustrations. Contents: Natural Features, Islands, Population, Towns, Etc, History. Pamphlet Printed in 1875. 32 Pages. £30
  5. Geography of the Counties of Moray and Nairn. With Coloured Map and Illustrations. Pamphlet Printed in 1874. Contents: Natural Features, Industrial Pursuits and Population, History and Antiquities, Topography. 32 Pages. £30
  6. Scottish Birds.By A..B. Lees. Booklet,printed in 1975. Covers the various birds in each area of Scotland. 40 Pages. £10
  7. The Husbanding of Red Deer.Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, in January 1969. Edited by M.M. Bannerman and K.L. Blaxter. Booklet. Contents: Introduction to the Purpose of the Conference, The Problem, The Potential of the Red Deer, Herd Management, Food and Disease of the Red Deer, The Alternatives to Intensified Deer Production, Deer Husbanding and Land Use, Discussion, Summing Up. 79 Pages. £12

42.The National Trust for Scotland Islands Cruise 10-17 May 1969. Passenger List ms Metor (2,900 tons) Bergen Line. 4 Pages. A very scarce booklet. £10

  1. The Isle of May A Scottish Nature Reserve by W.J. Eggeling. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1960. 1stEdition. Signed by the Author. Also, included with the book is a typed “A Visit to the Isle of May” by C.K. Mylne, taken from a magazine and dated Summer 1957. Part One: General History, Part Two: Detailed Accounts, Maps and Photographs. 280 Pages. £20
  2. The Heather Blooms at John O’ Groats by John S. Banks. P.B not Dated. A Series of Personal Reminiscences of country life in John O’ Groats from 1895 until the present day which is possibly the late 1950’s. Ten Chapters. 243 Pages. £10
  3. Selected Stories from Iain Crichton Smith. H.B. With D/J Published in 1990. 24 Stories in Total. 178 Pages. £8
  4. An Lasair Anthology of 18th Century Scottish Gaelic Verse. Edited by Ronald Black. P.B. Published in 2001.63 Poems in Total, in Gaelic with English translations. Also includes preface, Abbreviations, Introduction, Collections, Notes on the Poems, The Panegyric Code, Glossarial Index. 533 Pages. £10
  5. Teach Yourself Gaelic Edited by Roderick Mackinnon, M.A. H.B. Published in 1971. 35 Chapters and Appendixes. 324 Pages. £8
  6. Glenelg, Kintail & Lochalsh. An Historical Introduction by Roger Miket. P.B. Published in 1998. Contents: Introduction, Beginnings in a nutshell, The 18th Century Watershed, Johnson and Boswell pass by, Agriculture and Industry, Social Conditions of the People, By Land and Sea, Prophesy, Story and Song, The Parishes of Glenshiel, Kintail, Glenelg and Lochalsh. 80 Pages. £8

49.Highland Herald. Reporting the News from the North by David Ross. Foreword by Harry Reid.  From 1988 to 2017, David Ross was the Highland correspondent for the Herald. His patch stretched from the Mull of Kintyre in the south to Shetland in the north; from St Kilda in the west to Speyside in the east. During that time he covered all the major stories as they happened in the Highlands and Islands. P.B. Published in 2018. 17 Chapters, Illustrations. 256 Pages. £10

  1. Anam Cara. Spiritual Wisdom From the Celtic World by John O’ Donohue. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997 originally, this reprint is from 1999. Contents: Prologue, The Mystery of Friendship, Towards a Spirituality of the Senses, Solitude in Luminous, Work as a Poetics of Growth, Ageing: the Beauty of the Inner Harvest, Death: the Horizon is in the well. 281 Pages. £10
  2. Sea Sorrow The Story of the Iolaire Disaster. Booklet, Printed in 1972. This publication is of a contemporary account that appeared in the Stornoway Gazette in 1959. The original booklet was printed circa 1960, this reprint is from 1972. It gives a list of the Lewismen who lost their lives, set out township by township. 39 Pages. £8
  3. Roll of Honour Ness to Bernera For King and Country 1939 to 1945. A4 Size Publication printed in 1989. Covers every village from Eoropie in Ness to Croir in Bernera. Gives a record of all those who served, what rank they had and long they were in service. There is also a photo of nearly every individual named in this book. 127 Pages. £10
  4. The Highlands in Colour. Introduced by WH Murray. Photographed by WS Thomson. H.B. Originally Published in 1954. This reprint is from 1955. 57 Plates in Total. 64 Pages. £10
  5. Tales and Travels of a School Inspector by John Wilson. In the Highlands and Islands at the end of the 19th Century. Includes Jura, Heisker, Islay, Orkney, Coll, Argyll, Lewis and many others. P.B. Originally Published in 1928. This reprint is from 1998. 21 Chapters. 244 Pages. £8
  6. Last of the Free. A Millennial History of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999.9 chapters, Illustrations,Conclusion, References, Bibliography, Index. 416 Pages. £10
  7. A Golden Tyme Indeid. 200 Years of Golf History at Royal Montrose. By Harry Faulkner and Richard Phinney. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 18 Chapters, Appendices, Photographs and a list of Captains and Club Members in 2010. 219 Pages. £12
  8. The Making of the Crofting Community by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 1st Edition. 12 Chapters, References, Bibliography and Index. Has been described as one of the most important books ever written on the history of crofting. 309 Pages. £10
  9. The Story of Tingwall Kirk by G.M. Nelson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1965. 12 Chapters, 8 Appendices, and illustrations. 314 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting from the Shetland Times from 1990. £15
  10. The Third Statistical Account of Scotland. The County of Sutherland. Edited by John S. Smith. Volume XIX B. h.b. With D/J Published in 1988. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, The Parishes, 13 in Total, Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations. 286 Pages. £20
  11. For The People’s Cause. From the Writings of John Murdoch. Highland and Irish Land Reformer. Edited and Introduced by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. 9 Chapters and Illustrations. 204 Pages. £10

61.Yesterday Was Summer. The Marion Campbell Story. By Marian Pallister & David Adams McGilp. H.B. With D/J Published in 2007. The book is in two parts: Part One: Marion Campbell -the woman, Part Two: Marion Campbell -the work. 12 Chapters about the woman and 17 Chapters about her work, Acknowledgements, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 272 Pages. £10

  1. The Argyll Book Edited by Donald Omand. H.B. With D/J Published in 2004. 21 Chapters, Bibliography, Index, Plates, Figures and Maps. 304 Pages. £15
  2. Air Bilean an t-Sluaigh: Sealladh air Leantalachd Beul Aithris Ghaidhlig Uibhist a Tuath le Maighread A. Challan. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 2012. 5 Caibidealan: Co theacsa Soisealta Beul Aithris, Dualchasach Beul aithris, Feumalachd agus Tairbhe Beul aithris, Adhbharan Tanachaidh, Co Dhunaidhean. Earra Radhan – Taghadh de Orain Ruairidh Mhicaoidh, Domhnaill Ruadh Choruna, Aonghas Lachlan Bhig, Stuth Aithris is Oideas, Fiosrachadh bho chunntasan sluaigh. 256 Duilleag. £10
  3. St Columba’s Ui Church otherwise EaglaiS na h-Aoidhe. An Historical perspective. By Colin Scott Mackenzie. P.B. Published in 2012. 16 Chapters, List of Board Members, Past and Present, Genealogical Tables, Bibliography, Glossary, Index and Illustrations. 120 Pages. £8

65. Colkitto. A Celebration of Clan Donald of Colonsay (1570-1647) by Kevin Byrne. P.B. Published in 1997. 16 Chapters, Appendices, Maps and Genealogical Tables. 240 Pages. £10

  1. Pit Life. Stories from the Scottish Coalfield. A Workers Educational Association Publication. P.B. Published in 1988. 9 Stories from different writers. 78 Pages. £6
  2. Sanais An samhradh 1986. Le Comunn Eachdraidh Uig. This magazine type publication is entirely devoted to crofting and the events of 1886. 11 Pages. £6
  3. The Corbetts and other Scottish Hills. Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers Guide. Volume Two Edited by Scott Johnstone, Hamish Brown and Donald Bennet. H.B. Published in 1990, this reprint with amendments is from 1993. 17 Chapters, Illustrations and Index. 250 Pages. £8

69. 20th Century Publications in Scottish Gaelic. Edited by Donald John Macleod. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. This is a descriptive bibliography of Gaelic publications in the 20th century. Entries are arranged alphabetically. 188 Pages. £10

  1. Stornoway Historical Society. Journal Issue 32. July 2009. A4 Size Publication. Contents: From the Editor’s Chair, Family Portraits, Tattoo Hebrides, Two Tales about Some Rings, James Alexander Stewart Mackenzie, The Smell Of Stornoway, Gallows Hill, Macaulay Farm, Peat Reclamation Scheme, Memories of a Prisoner of War Camp, The Sons of John Norrie Anderson, The Closing of Woolworth’s Stornoway Store, A Tribute to Kenny Moony, 31 Pages. £6
  2. Stornoway Historical Journal Issue No 33. December 2009. A4 Size Publication. Contents: From the Editor’s Chair, John Mackay’s School, The Ferry to Stornoway, The Brightest Ornament (The Life of Daniel Mackinlay), Society News, Stornoway Sea Captains, Early Visits to Stornoway,. 27 Pages. £6
  3. Glasgow’s Dancing Daft. Booklet, published in 1994. 6 Chapters. 44 Pages. £6
  4. A Taste of Glenelg. A Collection of Recipes from the Residents of Glenelg & Arnisdale. Booklet, not dated. Contents: Soups & Starters, Main Courses, Miscellanous, Puddings & Desserts, Baking, Holiday Adverts. 31 Pages. £6
  5. Arnisdale and Loch Hourn the clachans, people, memories and the future by Peter R. English. A4 Size Publication. Published in 2000. 36 Chapters and numerous photographs. 484 Pages. £20
  6. English -Gaelic Key to Dwelly’s Gaelic -English Dictionary by Girvan McKay. Booklet, printed in 1974. 22 Pages. £6
  7. Gaelic Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings With English Translations by T.D. Macdonald. Contents: Introduction, Miscellaneous, Men, Woman, Marriage, Weather and Season Lore, Object Lessons from Nature, The Diety, The Devil, Land and Labour, The Fingalians, St Columba and Other Saints, Clans and Clanship. 156 Pages. £20
  8. Dorcha Tro Ghlainne. Air a dheasachadh le Domhnall Iain Macleoid. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh an an 1970. Taghadh de sgeulachdan goirid. 13 sgeulachdan uile gu leir. Le Iain Moreach, Martainn Domhnallach, Iain Mac a Ghobhainn, Criosaidh Dick, Fionnlagh I MacDhomhnaill, Ruairidh MacThomais,Coinneach Fionnlasdan, An Caibearnach, Rarlon Seixas, Rob Shirley, Am Bard Bochd, Appendix. 150 Pages. £8
  9. Sar Orain. Gaelic Poems . Edited by Angus Macleod. Three Gaelic Poems: Luinneag Mhicleoid le Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh, Birlinn Chlann Raghnaill le Alasdair MacMhaighstir Alasdair, Moladh BeinnDobhrain le Donnchadh Ban. H.B. Published in 1932. 232 Pages. £15
  10. The Lewis Land Struggle. Na Gaisgich by Joni Buchannan. P.B. Published in 1996. Contents: Foreword by Angus Macleod, Introduction, Bernera, The Park Deer Raid, Aiginish 1888, Coll and Gress, The Wider Struggle, Selected Songs and Poems. Includes newspaper cuttings about the book and the land raids. Includes Photographs. 209 Pages. £8
  11. The Companion to Gaelic Scotland. Edited by Derick S. Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. Contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Contributors, Guide to Contents by Subject, Companion to Gaelic Scotland, Chronology, Bibliography, Index. 363 Pages. £10
  12. The Lewis Trivia Quix Book by Francis Thompson. Booklet, printed in 1989. Who? What? When? Where? A publication that covers many aspects of Lewis, the island, the people and Stornoway the town. If you want to improve your knowledge of island history then this booklet won’t disappoint you. Over 300 questions in total. £6
  13. Neil M Gunn. A Highland Life. Edited by FR Hart & JB Pick. Contents: Youth (1891-1921) , The Years In Inverness (1921-1937), Braefarm: The Writer as Professional (1937-1949), Light at the End (1949-1973), Notes on Sources, Selected Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations. 314 Pages. £8
  14. The Trial of Patrick Sellar. The Tragedy of Highland Evictions by Ian Grimble. Introduction by Eric Linklater. H.B. With D/H Published in 1962, this second impression is from 1963. 12 Chapters, Appendix, Index. Includes a newspaper cutting announcing the death of the author. 166 Pages. £15
  15. The Survival of the Unfittest. The Highland Clearances and the End of Isolation by Robert Mathieson. P.B. Published in 2000. 12 Chapters, 3 Appendixes, Index of Subjects, Index of Personal Names. 267 Pages. £10
  16. Gardie A Shetland House and its People. By Wendy Scott. H.B. Published in 2007. 8 Chapters, Acknowledgements, Sources and Bibliography, Maps, Index. Includes Illustrations. 196 Pages. £10
  17. A Life of Song By Marjory Kennedy Fraser. H.B. With D/J Published in 1929. 1st Edition. Contents: Part One: The Kennedys, Part Two: Life as a Teacher, Part Three: To the Hebrides, Part IV, Fruition. Includes Illustrations. 198 Pages. £20
  18. Eilean Na H-Oige. Island of Youth. Insel Der Jugend. Poem by Fr Allan Mcdonald. Translated by: P Campbell, A Macdonald, G.Vogler -Fiesser. P.B. Printed in 1985. This book is a limited edition of 200 copies of which this is number 148. Each book is signed by the artist of the drawings and the Editor. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £15
  19. The Little General and the Rousay Crofters. Crisis and Conflict on an Orkney Estate. By William PL Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. 18 Chapters, contains tables, figures and Plates, Notes and an Index. 234 Pages. £10 Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book.
  20. Dolly Doctor Pictures of Bygone Island Life. An Island Book Trust Publication. P.B. Published in 2009. This book is a collection of historical photographs of the Outer Hebrides from the collection of the late Dr Donald Macdonald of Gisla, affectionately known as Dolly Doctor. Includes a short biography of him. Nearly 100 photographs in total and each photograph is accompanied by a caption. 98 Pages. £8
  21. Air mo Chuairt le Ealasaid Chaimbeul. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. Cunntas mu bheatha an ughdaira ruigadh ann am Barraigh ann an 1913. 25 Caibidealan. 89 Duilleag. £8
  22. The History of the Highland Clearances by Alex Mackenzie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1946. Second Edition, altered and revised. Contents: Editor’s Preface, Introduction, Sutherland, Trial of Patrick Sellar, Ross Shire, Inverness Shire, The Hebrides, Argyllshire, Buteshire, Perthshire, Notable Dicta, Statistical Statement, Appendices. 286 Pages. £15
  23. Domhnall Ruadh Choruna. Orain is Dain le Domhnall Domhnallach. H.B. With D/J Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1969. 57 Orain uile gu leir. 101 Duilleag. £15
  24. Domhnall Ruadh Choruna. Orain is Dain le Domhnall Domhnallach Uibhist a Tuath. Air a dheasachadh le Fred Macamhlaidh. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1995. Contents: Foreword, Foreword to the First Edition, Domhnall Ruadh (From the First Edition), Livelihood in Uist, The Bard, The Bard’s Family Tree, A Letter, To Fred Macaulay, Prose, Poems in Memory of the Bard, Illustrations. All chapters are in Gaelic with English Translations. 199 Pages. £10
  25. The Lord is Risen Indeed. Sermons Preached in Stornoway and Elsewhere by the Rev Roderick Morrison Minister Emeritus of Stornoway High Church and formerly of Lochcarron. H.B. Published in 1951. Twenty Three Sermons in Total. 143 Pages. £8
  26. Lewis Revivals of the Twentieth Century by Rev Norman Macleod. Booklet, printed late 1980’s. 17 Pages. £6

96.Handbook of Gaelic Phrases and Sentences With Pronunciations and English Equivalents. New Edition Revised and Enlarged by Alexander Macfarlane M.A. Booklet, printed in 1949. 64 Pages. £10

97.Luinneagan Reobais. Duanagan Gaoil is Orain Dhuthcha le Alasdair Mac an Fhleisteir (nach maireann) Cill-Mheanaidh, Ile. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh an an 1929. 13 Orain uile gu leir. (Gann) 27 Duilleag. £20

  1. Rails to Kyle of Lochalsh. The story of the Dingwall and Skye Railway including the Strathpeffer Branch by David McConnell. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997. Contents: Part One: Railos to Strome, Part Two: Rails to Kyle, Part Three: A Century of the Kyle Line, Appendices, Includes many Illustrations. 340 Pages. £15
  2. Land, Faith and the Crofting Community. Christianity and Social Criticism in the Highlands of Scotland, 1843-1893. By Allan W. MacColl. This book probes the deep rooted links between the land, the people and the religious culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands in the Nineteenth Century. 6 chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography and Index. 240 Pages. £45 (Very rare to see a copy for sale)
  3. Is it that time already? Rikki Fulton The Autobiography. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999. 48 Chapters, Awards, Index. Includes many Illustrations. 330 Pages. £6

101.Landscapes of Delight. In Poetry, Ballad and Song by James C. Morrison. Booklet,printed in 2007. The author is a native highlander and crofter and lives in Achlyness, Kinlochbervie.  34 Poems, ballads and songs in total. 41 Pages. £6

  1. Time Travels. Highlands and Islands Enterprise 1965-2015. By Catherine Deveney. Stories from a remarkable 50 year journey. P.B. Published in 2015. Contents: Preface, Foreword, Introduction, Ross Shire to Skye, Strathpeffer to Glencoe, Campbeltown to Brodick, Moray to Inverness, North to Caithness, Orkney and Shetland, By air to the Outer Hebrides, Where next? 135 Pages. Includes Photographs. £8
  2. Survival Against The Odds. The story of Petty Officer Donald Mackinnon Russian Convoy Survivor by Donald J. Macleod. P.B. Published in 2000. 17 Chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography. 99 Pages. £8
  3. My Favourite Stories of Scotland. Edited by John Laurie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 11 Stories in total. 128 Pages. £8
  4. Calum’s Road by Roger Hutchinson. H.B. Published in 2006. The extraordinary story of Calum Macleod from Raasay who through determination, strength and hard work built a road on his native island. 6 Chapters, Preface, Maps, Notes, Bibliography. 196 Pages. £8
  5. Maclarens Gaelic Self Taught. An introduction to Gaelic for beginners (with guide to pronunciation) Reprint of fourth (Revised Edition). P.B. Published in 1992. 224 Pages. £8
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257.A Guide and Views of the Isle of Barra. Pamphlet. Not dated. Text and Photographs. £5

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282.The Guga Hunters by Donald S. Murray. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. Every year, ten men from Ness, the district at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, sail north west to a remote and inhospitable rock called Sulasgeir. Here they catch the Guga -the almost fully grown gannet chicks that nest in the 200 foot high cliffs of the tiny island. After two weeks, they return with a cargo of 2.000 guga, pickled, salted and ready for the tables of Ness and beyond. 8 chapters, includes a list of crews from the 1940’s until 2007. Includes many Photographs. 259 Pages. £8

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300.Island Going to the Remoter Isles, Chiefly Uninhabited, off the North West Corner of Scotland by Robert Atkinson. Contents: Handa Island, North Rona- Shiant Isles- Canna, Flannan Isles, North Rona, Eigg, North Uist, Monach Isles, St Kilda, Sulasgeir, Lewis Remembered, The Hebrides Regained. Includes Illustrations and Plates. 384 Pages. £25

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310.Donald M’Leod’s Gloomy Memories in the Highlands of Scotland Versus Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Sunny Memories In (England) A Foreign Land: Or a Faithful Picture of the Extirpation of the Celtic Race From the Highlands of Scotland. A Facsimilie copy of the 1892 Edition.  212 Pages. £15

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321.Where to Stay in the Orkney Islands 1976. Issued by the Orkney Tourist Organisation. Booklet, 14 Pages. £6

  1. Interesting places to visit on the South Mainland of Shetland. Road map showing miles from Lerwick to the Shetland Croft House and to other places of Archaeological and Historic Interest. Pamphlet, 4 Pages. Not Dated. £5

323.Hoy and Rackwick Outdoor Centres Orkney Islands. Pamphlet, 4 pages. Not dated. 4 Pages. £5

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331.The Log of the Olivia by William A. Power a Victorian Yachtsman. H.B. Published in 1983. These logs are dated between 1859 and 1867. Some of the logs detail his trips to Bergen, Orkney, Shetland, San Sebastian, St Kilda and the Faeroes. £15

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  9. Metegama A Journey From Lewis to the New World by Jim Wilkie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1987. 1stEdition. This book is the first in depth study of emigration from the Isle of Lewis to Canada and North America -a history spanning 150 years. Ten Chapters, Plus interviews with 14 of those who emigrated in the 1920’s, Includes an Appendix of all those who went on the Metegama. Includes Photographs. 208 Pages. £8
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352.The Story of Helensburgh by George McLachlan. H.B. Date of Publishing not given but possibly 1895. Only 100 Copies of this edition printed of which this is No 62. 19 Chapters, 4 Appendixes, Illustrations.  240 Pages. £65

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