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Seafarers came together today (Sunday 10 July) for a meditative moment as part of Sea Sunday in Stornoway.

Members of Stornoway’s RNLI lifeboat crew, RNLI members and fundraisers from the Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild were among those to attend the Sea Sunday Service at St Columba’s (Old Parish) Church.

The service was the first Sea Sunday service to have been held for three years in the face of global restrictions on meeting.

Rev William Heenan said that the church was ‘delighted and blessed’ to have had a large turnout of those connected with the sea at the special service. He specifically mentioned services including the RNLI, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy and RNR, but also reminded his congregation of those who work on fish farms, the Northern Lighthouse Board and other people whose living is made at or beside the sea.

Rev Keenan said: “We want to say a very sincere thank you for all the work that you do for us in keeping us safe, providing us with the food we need, the fuel we need and providing us with transport backwards and forwards to the mainland.

“We want to assure you of our continuing prayers and support for the work that you do from the congregation here in St Columba’s as you go about your work in often difficult and dangerous conditions.”

An RNLI spokesperson said later today: “It was a real pleasure to attend alongside our friends and colleagues at HM Coastguard and other seafarers. Best wishes to the congregation and our wider communities on land and sea.

The pictures show members of the RNLI, HM Coastguard and Ladies Lifeboat Guild at St Columba’s Church this morning (RNLI Stornoway).