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The long-awaited opening of a new play area in the Castle Grounds has been set for this Friday (1 July), according to the Stornoway Trust.

The area in front of the Woodlands Centre café has been under development as a play area for some time, though work paused during the pandemic.

It's also adjacent to the building site created by work to rebuild the harbour walls and reroute traffic for the HebCelt festival. 

Now fences have been installed around the play equipment and it’s set for a quiet opening as schools close and holiday visitors start to arrive.

A post on the Stornoway Trust’s Facebook page said: “If you’re heading to the Castle Grounds this weekend, why not take the wee ones to our new play area by the Woodlands Café?

“All inspections will be complete in time for the first kids to use it on Friday, 1 July.”

Picture from the Stornoway Trust.