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A flight of Typhoon jets over the Ness district at lunchtime today (Friday 17 June) caused equal parts excitement and fear, as sheep, dogs and people were bowled over by the noise.

Western Isles aviation enthusiasts reported the three fighter jets, from RAF Lossiemouth, engaged in what appeared to be a ‘dog fight’ low over the west side between Cross and Borve.

Siarachs reported an ‘awesome’ noise and what were described as ‘some fantastic chasing manoeuvres’ low over, and almost beside, the villages.

And while some complained that the noise and activity had scared sheep and horses, and set dogs barking, others simply said they were ‘grinning from ear to ear’ having witnessed the activity with their own eyes.

One resident said: “They were right over my house and croft - it was terrifying! I’m quite used to fighter jets on exercise as a I used to live near Faslane, but that was something else! My dogs were terrified along with all the sheep!”

Another said: “It was very loud, scared my poor sheep. My ears are still ringing. They were so low.”

Whether they loved or hated it, the older generation were quick to place the activity in context.

A Stornoway resident spectating on the social media discussion posted: “Not really that loud. If you are old enough to have heard Vulcans buzzing Stornoway Airport, you would be forgiven for thinking Typhoons are almost silent.”

The pictures are by John Gray, who was fast enough to capture some of the action.