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Chaos descended on London's Gatwick Airport this afternoon after a whole host of Easyjet flights across the UK and the rest of Europe were abruptly cancelled. 

This followed days of tears, disappointment and delays after tens of flights were cancelled each day. 

Essence of Harris chief Jamie McGowan reported on Linked-In that there was "absolute chaos at Gatwick." 

"No information…every single earlier flight across Europe cancelled … lots of people very upset and decanted holidays and trips home cancelled."

"Poor staff on the ground doing their level best but they simply don’t have the information from above."

Jamie commented: "Now we have to drive all the way to Glasgow after flying all night from Delhi."

Sky News later reported that EasyJet had cancelled 200 flights after being hit by IT problems and advised customers to check their booking before going to the airport.

Flights due to depart between midday and 2pm GMT were affected, the low-cost carrier said.

"Our team of IT specialists is working to restore the systems as soon as possible," easyJet said.

The company had earlier said in a statement "flights due to depart between 1pm and 3pm UK time today may be impacted".