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The tall ship Lady of Avenel left Stornoway early this morning (Thursday 12 May) to continue her ‘round the top’ voyage to Scrabster with last-minute crew members aboard.

Lady of Avenel is a 102-foot square-rigged brigantine, usually set up to carry 12 guests for sailing adventures and musical session sails around northern European coasts.

She motored out of Stornoway harbour at 6.37am today and set sails just beyond Tiumpan Head for the passage to Scrabster, before heading north to Orkney, where she has a musical voyage of sessions and sailing planned from 22 May.

She’s due to turn south again on 29 May to bring a party of musicians leaving Orkney Folk Festival on a blue water trip to the Hebrides, with planned calls at the Shiants, in Uist and finishing the trip in Castlebay.

In Uist and Barra island tutors are to join the vessel for workshop sessions aboard, and there will also be meetings with island musicians in on-shore sessions at pubs or hotels.

Yesterday’s visit to Stornoway was unplanned, after the Lady of Avenel’s cross-Scotland Caledonian Canal trip was cancelled. The canal is undergoing repair works at Cullochy Locks and is not due to re-open for sea-to-sea traffic until next Thursday, 19 May.

The Lady instead began her transfer from Mallaig to Scrabster on Sunday, with a last minute appeal for crew to join her as late as 3 May.

Pictures show the Lady of Avenel in full sail and anchored at the Shiant Islands on a previous trip (Lady of Avenel).