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Urras Coimhearsnachd Bhràdhagair agus Àrnoil (UCBA) is pleased to announce that ‘Bho Bheul an Eòin’ (From the Birds Mouth) – an arts project exploring nature through the Gaelic language - is opening at Grinneabhat in Bragar today (Saturday 7 May). 

New plant and animal species have arrived in Scotland due to our changing climate. Many of these are so new, they don't have Gaelic names – until now.  Through a process of research and consultation, with advice from scientists, researchers and Gaelic writers, 40 new arrivals have been identified – including plants, birds, butterflies, marine life, slugs and even snow-bed algae.  

These species have been given new Gaelic names, and acclaimed wildlife artist Derek Robertson has produced bespoke watercolour portraits of them.  Accompanying each portrait is a Gaelic haiku by Rody Gorman followed by an English translation. 

This exciting partnership project has received support from NatureScot (formally Scottish Natural Heritage) and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.  

Phil Baarda, Ecosystems and Land Use Officer at NatureScot, said: "Scotland's climate is changing and new wildlife species are establishing themselves here. This project brings Gaelic's intrinsic link with nature and place into sharp focus. From The Bird's Mouth is a superb example of linguists, scientists, artists and public bodies working collaboratively to ensure that Gaelic maintains its connection to our evolving ecology. 

"We are delighted that Grinneabhat is showcasing the Bho Bheul an Eòin exhibition. We hope that locals and visitors alike will take the opportunity to enjoy Derek Robertson's beautiful artwork and discover more about the 40 new Gaelic names that we are proposing for Scotland's latest arrivals." 

Tina Macphail, Grinneabhat Manager, said: “We are excited to be hosting Bho Bheul an Eòin in Grinneabhat and invite everyone to come and marvel at the new arrivals, admire the watercolours, be captivated by the prose and poetry and be at one with the Gaelic Language, native speaker or learner.  Bidh sinn ag ionnsachadh rudeigin ùr a h-uile latha (we learn something new every day).   

“Bho Bheul an Eòin is the latest in a series of exhibitions hosted by Grinneabhat since the centre opened last year.  As well as generating our own exhibitions, we aim to give space to emerging local artists and host interesting exhibitions from elsewhere - especially those with close links to our culture and language like Bho Bheul an Eòin."