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Thirty years ago, the Clan Maciver Society was launched at the Caberfeidh Hotel in Stornoway. 

This was chosen because the Isle of Lewis was seen as a stronghold of the clan.

On June 18, its 30th anniversary will be marked by an International Clan Gathering at Strathendry Castle, in Fife.

Iain A Maciver, who chairs the society said: "We hope to have a piper to welcome the Clan by playing the 'lost' Gathering tune, 'Maciver's March', an ancient pibroch which was last played at a Clan Gathering 167 years ago.

"The Glasgow Herald of 19 Jan 1855 reported that New Year's Day (old style) Celebrations were held at Asknish House, the seat of Duncan Maciver of that ilk, Chief of the Clan. During the unfurling of the old banner of Maciver, the pibroch "Maciver's March" and the "Gathering of the Clans were struck up with thrilling effect for the assembled Clan." Some years ago the pibroch was rediscovered and transliterated into modern staff notation.

Iain's father came from Breasclete and his mother's family was from Barvas and he has had a croft on Great Bernera for about 25 years.