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An online fundraising campaign has been launched to fund the construction of a memorial cairn in Tolsta Chaolais in memory of three men from the village who drowned in a fishing tragedy.

In January 1908 the Boy’s Delight SY 542, a 48ft fishing boat, left Tolsta Chaolais to fish for herring in Loch Hamnaway, Uig.

Tragically, three of the fishermen onboard were drowned when the small boat they were using to haul their herring nets was swamped. A fourth man, Malcolm Macarthur managed to cling to the boat and was rescued.

The bodies of John Macleod and Angus Morrison were recovered but Kenneth Macaulay’s remains were never found. The tragedy had a profound effect on the small community. A fatal accident inquiry found no blame attributable to anyone.

“Growing up in Tolsta Chaolais I often heard stories about Am Bathadh, (the drowning)”, said Angus Macleod, who is the driving force behind the memorial project. “Although it took place 34 years before I was born, the memory of those events in January 1908 was still very vivid in the minds of the older members of the community.

"As that memory of the tragedy fades, I think it is important that we have a memorial in the village to ensure that the loss of these three men is never forgotten.”

The planned memorial cairn will be constructed from local stone with an engraved plaque.

Mr Macleod continued, “Plans for the memorial cairn are well advanced with work due to get underway shortly.

"Generous donations have already been received from local businesses and individuals. We are hoping to raise the remaining funds required to complete the project through an online campaign.”

Donations can be made on the following link