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The number of cases of Covid-19 found across the Western Isles continuer to run at more than 100 every day on average.

The latest update from NHSWI Chief Executive Gordon Jamieson for Saturday Macrch 12 stated there had been 144 cases in all, of which 46 are children.

He said that their "health protection team has been extremely busy and we only have locations tonight for the PCR tests: 42 on Lewis, 5 on North Uist, 8 on Benbecula, 4 on South Uist and 1 on Barra.

"We do have widespread community transmission but Hospital admissions remain very low. Our vaccination clinics resume on Tuesday."

The previous day there were 93 new cases: 79 on Lewis, 4 on Harris, 3 on Uist & 7 on Barra.

Mr Jamieson also said: "We are now starting to see cases of flu in the Western Isles - the vaccine is still available to those eligible at drop-in clinics, and the precautions to help protect you from COVID will also help prevent you catching the flu."

On Thursday there were 109 Covid-19 cases: 93 on Lewis, 1 on Harris, 1 on North Uist, 8 on Benbecula, 4 on South Uist and 2 on Barra.