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As if Covid-19 scams, B52 nuclear bombers overhead, and vanishing ferries weren't enough to cope with, Island firms are now getting sent invoices from their own customers which are actually fake.  

Heartless scammers are using more detailed knowledge than usual to send out demands for payment which appear to come from local companies but with the bank details altered to they can cream off other businesses' hard-earned cash.  

Trading Standards officers at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar are now warning businesses across the Islands to be vigilant in relation to scams involving fake invoice requests sent by email to businesses across the Islands. 

The Comhairle has had a recent report of a business receiving a demand for payment that, in this case, appeared to be from a business they did, in fact, deal with and expect to make payments to.

However, it appears a hack took place of a genuine email account leading to an invoice being sent that, although appearing legitimate, had been fraudulently altered by changing the payment bank account details changed to that of a fraudster.

Fortunately, this was spotted in time and no payment was made.

Jay Moran from CnES Trading Standards, said: “Criminals will use sophisticated and often extreme means such as this to try and take money from both consumers and in this case businesses, too.

"Please be careful when making any electronic payments to others, including when regular and expected demands for money are made. If in any doubt, take time to think and make every effort to confirm the invoice is genuine and satisfy yourself that the money is going to the right person or business.”

Any queries/concerns should be directed to Trading Standards on 01851 822694 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.