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A new business has hit the road in Lewis, as Calum Murray of South Dell prepares for his first delivery runs as NWC Vehicle Transporter.

Calum is turning to wheels and the high road after 30 years as a self-employed plumber. His original inspiration came from bitter experience when trying to get a vehicle to and from the dealers on the mainland.

He said: "I started because of my own experience with a vehicle which had nothing but problems. It had to be recovered from South Dell, taken to the ferry, then driven off the ferry before being collected in Ullapool and taken to the main dealer.

"That meant it was being handled many times before it got back to the garage and I thought there would be plenty of people who wouldn't be keen on that idea."

Calum's equipped himself with a Land Rover Discovery, an open trailer and a closed trailer, motor trader and goods-in-transit insurance. Put together as a package it means he can take any vehicle, light plant and even goods from anywhere in the islands to anywhere on the mainland – or back again, if required.

"The enclosed transporter is so that I can carry classic vehicles and keep them out of the weather, but also so that, if I am coming back from the mainland empty, I can carry other items on the return leg.

"I've always been interested in vehicles – I have a 1949 classic tractor myself – and I can now transport any vehicle or light plant up to 2.3 tonnes, anywhere on the islands and onto the mainland."

The service will help people buying a vehicle on the mainland and wanting to deliver their trade-in to the dealer while bringing the new vehicle home.

Cars that need to go away for servicing, warranty issues or recalls are covered and Calum welcomes enquiries on other types of work.

The pictures show Calum's transporter trailers (NWC Vehicle Transporter).