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Snow and wintry showers moving down to the UK over the next week means the strong likelihood of a white Christmas for the Western Isles, according to Western Isles Weather.

With just six days to go until the big day, forecaster Richard Cooke says weather models are moving into a more reliable timeframe for forecasts.

In a blogpost published today at he said: “The last three model runs … show wintry showers across the Western Isles with sleet and snow.

“A deep area of low pressure (moves) across the UK and, as it hits the cold air, could bring heavy snow to parts of the UK.

"The cold air is expected to move across Scotland on Christmas Eve.”

Met Office animations show cold fronts sweeping down from the Arctic from Wednesday, with north-west winds hitting the islands.

Western Isles Weather will provide daily updated forecasts but, for now, the forecaster’s conclusion is: “Based on the latest information, I am going for a 90% Western Isles White Christmas 2021.”