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Two island distilleries have set out to add both warmth and local provenance to their gin, with new issues of flavour provided directly from the islands.

The latest batch of North Uist Distillery’s Downpour Sloe and Bramble Gin is made with brambles gathered from Clachan Sands in North Uist.

Not only do the berries that have flavoured the gin come directly from North Uist, but the distillery has even offered berry pickers a system of exchange for the added ingredient.

Releasing the new Clachan Sands distillation on Wednesday (24 November) the distillers said: “Exchanging handpicked fruit for handcrafted gin, our barter system is our favourite way to involve residents and visitors alike in making our island spirits. Thank you to everyone who continues to share their harvests with us!”

Meanwhile in Barra, Isle of Barra Distillers Ltd have worked with island gardeners to source the ingredients for their first new release since the business opened in 2017.

On Wednesday they announced a limited addition rhubarb and heather gin liqueur, with the signature ingredient hand-picked from Gàradh a’ Bhàgh a’ Tuath, the Northbay gardening project.

The Barra distillers said: “As a community garden and café project, they produce the freshest local ingredients available and were kind enough to share with us their harvest of their beautifully sweet rhubarb.

“With this fabulous bounty we set to work and perfected a flavour profile to reflect our pride and joy, Barra Atlantic Gin, but also create a twist of refreshing sweetness, a new era of flavour.”

The distillers say the liqueur carries not just the flavour of rhubarb, but a spice of ginger and a hint of lemon grass.

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Pictures show details of the North Uist Downpour bramble and sloe gin, with blackberries gathered on Clachan sands, and some of the Northbay gardeners responsible for the rhubarb in the Isle of Barra Distillers’ new liqueur.