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The new director of An Lanntair arts centre has issued a heartfelt apology to disabled customers, after engineers left the island without being able to fix the lift.

Luke Collins said he shared the frustration of customers who have been unable to get full use of An Lanntair’s facilities and programme since the lift stopped working early in September.

In a public announcement yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 24 November) a spokesperson for An Lanntair said: “Engineers arrived at An Lanntair to repair the building’s lift on November 23 and 24, but additional issues were uncovered and we await further updates from the engineers.

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing our audiences and customers. We completely understand the frustration this causes to many of our valued members in fully accessing An Lanntair's building and programmes.”

Today (Thursday) director Luke Collins said that engineers had brought with them all the parts needed for the fix that they had anticipated, but that the work had uncovered further problems within the system.

The mainland company have now returned to their base to work on a plan for the repair, which is expected to be provided early next week. A timeline will then be planned for engineers to return to the island and work on the repair.

Luke said: “I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to build on the information that engineers have found and get a firm projection for when the problem will be solved.

“But I can’t put a timeline on when they’ll be returning to complete a fix until I hear back from them, which I am expecting to be early next week.

“At that point I will be able to make a public statement, but in the meantime I can only say that this is extremely frustrating and I want to sincerely apologise that this issue hasn't been resolved.” 

An Lanntair says they are committed to doing everything they can to help accommodate anyone needing assistance, including step-less access to ground level in the auditorium, gallery, shop and art room.

Anyone needing assistance should get in touch with front of House staff on 01851 708480 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.