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Woodland creation

Scaliscro Estates has applied to the Comhairle to create a new three-hectare woodland area on their land. 

The proposed site lies approximately 400m northwest of Scaliscro Lodge and slopes down to Loch Ròg Beag.

Scaliscro Estates, part of the Woodland Trust Croft Woodlands Project, says woodland will occupy most of the site. However, two areas of deep peat will be left unplanted. Instead, the trees will mostly be planted on grassy terraces and depressions where the peaty soils have in the past been used as lazy beds. 

The planning application states that these areas have increased soil depth and improved fertility compared to the surrounding soils at the site. The object of the woodland creation is to enhance biodiversity.

It is proposed to plant a mix of Downy Birch, Alder, Willow, and Lodgepole Pine at an average minimum of 3000 trees per hectare.

The site is to be protected by deer-proof fencing.

Erect a steel building

Campbell’s Filling Station on Cannery Road, Stornoway has applied for planning consent to erect a steel building to the side of their shop.

The 14.2 metres by 7.1 metre building will be used for retail storage and include a staff room and toilet.

According to the applicant, Mr John Angus Graham, the company could not act on previous consent for the project due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, this new application was being submitted due to a change to the building.

Care home conversion

The Comhairle has received an application to convert the former Kirkibost, Bernera care home at 9-10 Dun Innes into a residential dwelling.

The applicant, Ms Suzanne Millns of 20 Kirkibost, wishes to convert the property into a three-bedroom dwelling.

Site a pod

Planning consent is being sought to site a holiday pod at 14B New Garrabost.

The applicant, Mr Stephen Durrant, of Wellpark, 14B New Garrabost, plans to erect a 6m pod, along with access and a parking area.