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The Linda Norgrove Foundation Outdoor Swim Challenge is under way. 

After the very successful inaugural Linda Norgrove Outdoor Swim Challenge in 2020, they are now looking for swimmers to rise to the challenge again this year.  

"We are looking for people to swim either 1k, 3K, 5K or 10K at any open water spot of their choice - river, loch, lake, pond, or in the sea.  

"The challenge opened at the beginning of July and you have until the end of August to complete the distance of your choice - just wait for that perfect weather window.

"Over the last year there has been a boom in the numbers of people trying open water swimming for the first time, with a number of health benefits identified including boosting your immune system, better sleep, increased happiness, and even preventing and managing long-term health conditions (

"It is, however, important to be safe when heading out (especially for those swimmers dealing with the temperamental summers in the north) and there is good safety guidance highlighted on the LNF website. Ideally swim with at least one other person and pick a good weather day. Swim within you limits and take consideration of distance, temperature and water conditions.  Please go to the website to see the full guidance.  

There is also good health and safety advice on the Wild Swimming website at

If you would like to take part, registration fee for the Swim Challenge is £15 per person and registrations can be made via the Linda Norgrove Foundation website at:

Once you have completed your swim let us know the details, including location, date and distance, "you will receive a unique Hebridean Swim Badge (with your completed distance) to sew onto your dry robe, costume, swim towel, ballgown etc…"

The money raised from the registration will go towards the Foundation's activities, supporting women and children in Afghanistan.  The importance of this at the moment cannot be understated, the charity says.

For further information about the academic scholarships and projects supported by the Linda Norgrove Foundation and/or to make a donation please go to the LNF website at