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A fund-raising raffle which began with a single prize a little over a fortnight before finished yesterday afternoon with a live draw and a staggering total.

Tech Mobile founders Louis and Murdo Maciver initially planned to raffle an Xbox to help raise funds for the Matheson family of Shader, Barvas, helping to cover their costs as five-year-old Katie underwent treatment for leukaemia on the mainland.

But with a growing flood of prizes offered in addition, and raffle ticket sales rocketing, they soon found themselves presiding over a fundraising bonanza of the kind the Western Isles specialises in.

The raffle not only offered dozens of prizes, but was extended with 21 special offers individually auctioned. Between the auctions and the raffle – drawn yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 6 July) – Murdo and Louis have now raised £35,542 to help out the family.

A few late-arriving auction items still have to be closed, with their deadline extended until Thursday (8 July). So if you fancy bidding on a digital electric radiator or a Zoom-based songwriting lesson, pop along to and place your bid.

Pictures show the hardy ticket-folding volunteers hard at work before yesterday’s draw, and the grand total after the draw concluded (Tech Mobile).