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Catalogue 32

June 2021









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1. The Men of the Lews by Rev Norman C. Macfarlane, Juniper Green, Edinburgh. H.B. Published in 1924. Contents: Kenneth Ross, Donald Morrison, John Macleod, Galson, Angus of the Hills,Murdo Macdonald, John Campbell, Angus Matheson, Finlay Munro, Angus Maciver, Uig, Alexander Morrison, John and Alexander Macleod, Lochs, Malcolm Campbell and Donald Maclean, Angus Morrison, Dell, The Macivers of Rawnish, Kenneth Macpherson, Ness, The Two Roderick Macleods, Bayble, Hector Morrison, Swordale, The Gravir Trio: Smith, Morrison and Nicolson, Catechist Murdo Macleod, Lochs, Callum: The Seer of Shawbost, The Balalallan Group, The Two Malcolm Morrisons, John Maclean of Melbost, The Ness Group, The Back Group, The Cromore Group, The Bernera Group, The Point Group, The Group of the South West, The Group of the North West, The Uig Group, The Lochs Group, The Stornoway Group, Malcolm Nicolson, Barvas. 271 Pages. £65
2. The House of the Isles by Alice Macdonald of the Isles. H.B. Privately Printed in 1925. This book once belonged to Seton Gordon, and includes a handwritten letter from the Author to Seton Gordon. Also, includes a receipt from 1978, when the book was sold by a bookshop stating it came from the collection of the late Seton Gordon. 29 Chapters, Plates. 3 Appendixes: Pedigree, and A Curiosity in Pedigrees and Index. 168 Pages. £65
3. Publications of the Scottish History Society Volume XXIV. Inverness and Dingwall Presbytery Records 1643-1688. Edited with an Introduction from the Original Manuscript by William Mackay. H.B. Published in 1896. 384 Pages which includes an Index. £45
4.Gaelic Gatherings or The Highlanders At Home, On the Hearth, The River, and the Loch. A series of Highly Interesting Plates, Picturesque Groups Engaged In their Social Employments, Their Sports and Pastimes, From original Paintings made Expressely for this work by R.R. McIan Esq. Contents: Introduction, Threshing Corn,Drovers,The Hand Mill, Girls Washing, Highland Foot Post, Highland Shepherd, Going to School, Gillies With Game, Gathering Dulse, Wool Carding, Angling, Deer Stalking, Spinning with the Distaff, Herring Fishery, Robbing an Eagle’s Nest, Fording a River, Spearing Salmon, Whiskey Still, Throwing The Stone, Macphee The Outlaw, Signal for the Boat, Gille Calum, Carrying Peat, Carrying Ferrn. Index. Includes Plates of the subject in every chapter. 269 Pages. £30
5.Titanic’s Predecessor. The S/S Norge Disaster of 1904 by Per Kristian Sebak. H.B. With D/J Published in 2004. The Norge was a Danish emigrant ship which, en route from Copenhagen, Christiana (Oslo) and Christiansand to New York carrying Scandinavian and Russian -Jewish Emigrants, struck a reef near Rockall, west of Scotland, and sank in twenty minutes on the morning of 28 June 1904. Six hundred and thirty five people perished and, as the Norge had no wireless, the 160 survivors spent up to eight days in open lifeboats without anyone knowing about the shipwreck. 22 Chapters, 4 Appendices, Glossary, Bibliography and Index. Includes 180 b/w photographs. Includes a list of the passengers and crew. 334 Pages. £15 Signed by the Author.
6. An Honourable Death.By Iain Crichton Smith. A novel based on the life of Major General Sir Hector Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. 14 Chapters. 135 Pages. Signed by the Author. £10
7.A Field Full of Folk A Novel by Iain Crichton Smith. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 29 Chapters. 144 Pages. Signed by the Author. £10
8. The Hermit and Other Stories by Iain Crichton Smith. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 10 stories in total. 160 Pages. A presentation copy signed by the author. Includes a letter from the author, newspaper cutting with the book review, and a photo from a newspaper of the author receiving his O.B.E award at Buckingham Palace. £15
9.The New Orkney Book. Compiled and Edited by John Shearer, W.Groundwater, J.D. Mackay. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1966, this reprint is from 1967. The book is in two Parts: Part One deals with the Norse Invasion and rule, the return to Scottish Rule, and the slow developments during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries from extreme poverty to comparative prosperity and, incidentally to its highest level of population. Part Two brings together modern writings in Prose and Verse from the work of Seven Orcadian writers and Poets. Part One has 19 Chapters and Part Two has 7 Chapters and Appendices and Index. Includes list of Illustrations. 183 Pages. Ex Library. £10
10.The Life and Sins of a Crofters Son by Hugh Macdonald Matheson. P.B. Published in 2011. Part One :The Early Days, Part Two: With the Royal Air Force, Part Three: A Policeman’s Lot, Part Four: Coming Home. Includes many photographs. 346 Pages. £10
11.McGinn of the Calton. The Life and Works of Matt McGinn 1928-1977. P.B. Published in 1987. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Autobiography,Songs and Poems, Stories, BibliographyDiscography, Epilogue. Also includes Photographs. 203 Pages. £10
12. Willie Gavin, Crofter Man. A Portrait of a vanished Lifestyle by David Kerr Cameron. P.B. Originally Published in 1985, this reprint is from 1995. 22 Chapters, Illustrations, Select Glossary. 221 Pages. Ex Library. £6
13. Why am Not an Atheist by Alex J Macdonald. Booklet, printed in 2001. 15 Pages. £5
14. Seven Leaders. Preachers and Pastors by Iain H. Murray. H.B. With D/J Published in 2017. John Elias, Andrew Bonar, Archibald Brown, Kenneth Macrae, Martyn Lloyd Jones, W.J. Grier, John Macarthur. 7 Chapters, with a number of sub chapters on each Pastor and Preacher.Endnotes, General Index, Index of Authors and Works Cited. Includes Photographs. 279 Pages. £8
15.The Men of Lewis by Rev Norman C. Macfarlane. P.B. Published in 2015. A reprint with an updated foreword by Rev John J Murray. As with the first edition 34 Men or Groups of Men are profiled in this book. 271 Pages. £10
16. Sermons by the Late Rev John Macsween M.A. P.B. Published in 1999. Includes a short biography of the Rev Macsween who was a Minister in the Free Church of Scotland in Tongue, Skerray, Canada and finally in Point, Isle of Lewis. 20 Sermons in this book. 135 Pages. £8
17. Orkney’s Italian Chapel. By the Chapel Preservation Committee. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 20 Pages. £6
18.Sunderland Marine. Sunderland Marine Mutual Insurance. The first hundred years 1882-1982 by Patrick Beaver. P.B. Published in 1982. Contents: The book is in four parts; The Beginnings 1882-1920, Part Two, Decline 1921-1956, Part Three, Recovery, Part Four The Company Today. Four Appendices. 56 Pages which includes photographs. £6
19. Benbecula by Ray Burnett. P.B. Published in 1986. Contents: Balivanich, Aird and Balfinlay, Nunton, Griminish, Torlum and Borve, Liniclate, Creagorry and the South Ford, Hacklett to Peter’s Port and Uskevagh, Market Stance to Gramasdale and the North End. Sources and Select Bibliography. Includes Illustrations. 164 Pages. £15
20. by Eric Linklater. Illustrations by John Blake. 16 Chapters, Index, Illustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 1967. 1st Edition. £12
21. Silver -An Aberdeen Anthology. Edited by Alan Spence & Hazel Hutchison. P.B. Published in 2009. Ten chapters: Silver City, Dark Grey Sea, Old Aberdeen, Folk, A City to Learn Live In, Grey Granite, Black Gold, Scarlet Goon, Outwith, All Seasons. Glossary, Biographical Notes, Acknowledgements. 170 Pages. £6
22. Ospreys and Speyside Wildlife. Published by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Booklet, printed in 1973. Contents: Osprey’s Life, Osprey’s in Speyside, Wildlife in Speyside, Conservation, Places to Visit. 41 Pages. £8
23. Scotland’s Greatest Athlete. The Eric Liddell Story. By D.P Thomson. P.B. Published in 1970. 30 Chapters, Photographs and Acknowledgements. 240 Pages. £6
24. Harriet. A Highland Christian and her circle by Rev D.A. Macfarlane and others. Compiled and Edited by Norman Campbell and Robert Dickie. Booklet, Printed in 2020. 9 Chapters, Correspondence and Photographs. 103 Pages. £6
25. Land of the Seal People by Duncan Williamson. Edited by Linda Williamson. P.B. Published in 2010. 24 Chapters and Glossary. 205 Pages. £6
26. Sea Sorrow. The Story of the Iolaire Disaster. Booklet, printed in 1972. This publication is of a contemporary account of the disaster which appeared in the Stornoway Gazette in 1959. Booklet, 39 Pages of text, Photographs and a list of all those who perished is given at the end. £8
27. Memories of my Father. A Biography of Rev Murdo Macaulay (1907-2001) Included Edited Sermon Notes from Hebridean Newspaper by Donald John Macaulay. H.B. With D/J Published in 2018. A very detailed account of the life and ministry of Rev Macaulay from his young days to his ministry in Govan and Back. Eight Chapters in total, plus 13 Appendices and Numerous Photographs. 563 Pages. £12
28. The Lewis Peatlands. The Islands growing heart. Booklet, compiled by SNH in 2003. Contents include; Weaving and using the blanket, Seasonal startbursts, Jazz on the Moor, Cream of the bog, Partnership for Peat, etc, etc. 21 Pages of Text and Photographs. £6
29. A Guide to the Free Church of Scotland College and Offices by William S. Anderson. Booklet, printed in 1994. Contents: The Beginnings, James Brownhill’s Buildings, Distinctive Rooms, The First General Assembley of the Free Church of Scotland, The National Covenant of 1638, The Architects Window and the Memorial or Moncrieff Window, The Disruption Brooch, Biographical Sketches. 36 Pages of text and Photographs. £8
30.Free Church Ministers in Lewis (Presbytery) By Rev Murdo Macaulay. A4 Size Publication printed in 1994. A record of all those who served in each Free Church Congregation in Lewis and Harris, with a short biography and photograph of near enough all those named. 65 Pages. £10
31. Norman Macleod’s ‘S Trout Fishing in Lewis. With an Updated Introduction by Roddy J Macleod and Edward Young. Booklet, originally Printed in 1977, this edition is from 1993. 92 Pages of text and drawings. £8
32. Cuimhneachan. Remembrance. Bardachd a Chiad Chogaidh. Gaelic Poetry of World War One. P.B. Published in 2015. This is a Bilingual Publication. The Poetry is in Gaelic with English Translations. Contents: At the Outbreak of War, At the Battlefront, Our Land and the Heroes who Fell in Battle, The war at Sea, The View from Home, Loss, Peace, The Iolaire, Looking Back, 2014 Perspective, About the Poets, Notes. 509 Pages. £15

33. Fear Siubhal Nan Gleann. Orain agus Dain le Murchadh Macillemhoire Siadar, Barabhas. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1923. Fiosrachadh mun a Bhaird. 24 Orain Gaidhlig agus coig orain air an eadar theangachadh bhon a bheurla. 86 Pages. £15

34. Gleann na h-Irioslachd. Dain Spioradail le Seonaid Nic Mhathain Eilean a Cheo. Spiritual Hymns by Mrs Jessie Matheson. Leabharann. 11 Dain gu leir. 20 Duilleag. £15 (Gann)

35. Iain Beag Fhionnlaigh Bragair Leodhais. Leabharann. 15 Dain Spioradail uile gu leir. Air fhoillseachadh s’docha aig toiseach 1950. 35 Duilleag. £6

36.Fiughalaich Eileanach. Alasdair Mhurchaidh a Liurbost agus Tigh Anna Mhor ann am Bruth. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1947. 23 Duilleag. £6

37. The Coming Storm. Its Cause and Background by Rev Murdoch Campbell. Booklet, 49 Pages. £6

38. Bean Mo Ruin. Laoidhean agus Dain le Donnchadh Macasgaill. Booklet, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1987. 30 Laoidh agus Dain. 43 Duilleag. £8

39.Bardachd Uilleam Iain Caimbeul. Poems of Wiilliam John Campbell, Point, Isle of Lewis. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2018. 30 Orain gu leir, le fiosrachadh mu beatha agus teaghlach a Bhard. Dealbhan anns a leabhar cuideachd. 102 Duilleag. £8

40. Here We Stand. The Free Church of Scotland 1843 1900 2000. The lectures on these three key dates in the History of the Free Church were put together in this booklet. 16 Pages. £6

41. Na Baird Thirisdeach Saothair air Co Luchd Dutcha Aig an Tigh’s Bhon Tigh Agus air a Dheasachadh leis an Urr. Eachann Camhshron. The Tiree Bards Being the Original Compositions of Natives of Tiree at Home and Abroad. Edited by the Rev Hector Cameron. H.B. Published in 1932. 1st Edition. Contents: Preface, Neil Lamont, Archibald Macphail, Archibald Maclean, Mrs Malcolm Macfadeyn, Donald macdonald, Donald Maclean, John Maclean, Bard Thighearna Chola, Charles Maclean, Dugald MacEachern, Rev John Maclean, Alexander Macdonald, By The Carpenter of the “Taeping”, Duncan Mackinnon, Rev John Gregorson Campbell, John Maclean, Balemartine, Lachlan Macdonald, John Maclean, Mrs Archibald Macdonald, Milton, Donald Macdonald, Milton,Alastair Macdonald, Euphemia Macdonald, Joseph Hardy, Mary Flora Macdonald, Neil Maclaine, John M Macmillan, Colin Macdonald, A.V. Christie, Angus MacKechnie, Rev William Macphail, Rev Alexander Mackinnon, Neil Campbell Colquhoun, Alick Macdonald, Milton, Charles Macdonald, Alexander Sinclair, Donald Sinclair, Marion Macdonald, Balephuill, By The Editor. 438 Pages. Spine Board is missing, but the spine cover is intact. £35

42. The Hebrides by Paul Murton. Present of BBC TV’s Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands. P.B. Published in 2017. Covers Gigha, Lorn and Mull, Skerryvore to Canna, Skye and Raasay, The Shiants, Eriskay to Barr Head, South Uist to the Monach Islands, Harris to St Kilda, Further Reading, Index. Eight Chapters in Total, plus numerous Photographs. 232 Pages. £8

43. Crowdie and Cream by Finlay J Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 1st Edition. The nostalgic and often hilarious account of a childhood in Harris. 15 Chapters, 176 Pages. £6

44. Deatach. Rannan Leis an t-Urr Coinneach I MacNeacail. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2011. Clar Innse: Fiosrachadh mu bheatha Choinnich MacNeacail, 19 Laoidhean uile gu leir ann an Gaidhlig agus air an eadar theangachadh gu beurla. Dealbhan cuideachd as an leabhar. 64 Duilleag. £6

45. Chum Fios Bhi Aig An Al Ri Teachd. Back Free Church Centenary History 1891 -1991 by Neil Murray. A record of the congregation, Office Bearers, Ministers, Noted Christians and photographs. 73 Pages. £6

46. No More Sea. Sermons and Addresses of the Rev Angus Finlayson North Tolsta Isle of Lewis.Includes a Biographical Introduction. 11 Sermons and Addresses, plus one Gaelic Spiritual Song. Booklet, printed in 1975. 71 Pages. £6

47. Thine Eyes Shall See The King in His Beauty by Rev Murdo Macaulay. This booklet came into existence as a result of the tramautic experience of the years of illness suffered by the wife of the author, which finally culminated in her death. P.B. Published in 1988. 76 Pages. £6

48. Hector Cameron Of Lochs and Back. The Story of an Island Ministry by Rev Murdo Macaulay. P.B. Published in 1982. 57 Pages. £6

49. The Converting Word. The testimonies of Malcolm Macleod and Duncan Macleod. Booklet, printed in 2010. Malcolm and Duncan Macleod were father and son and were originally from Shieldinish in Lochs. 20 Pages. £6

50. Comasan Na H-Urnuigh. The Possibilities of Prayer by J.H. Oldham. Translated from the English by Malcolm Macleod, Minister at Broadford, Skye. P.B. Published in 1913. 81 Pages. Slight tears at the top and bottom of the spine. £15

51. Calbost Croft Genealogy. Booklet, printed by Comunn Eachdraidh Na Pairc. Pairc Historical Society in 2006. The booklet is based on information collected by Angus Macleod. A history of all the crofts in Calbost and includes photographs. 35 Pages. £5

52. Adrift in Caledonia. Boat Hitching for the Unenlightened by Nick Thorpe. One clear morning in May, Nick Thorpe left his Edinburgh flat, ducked off the commuter route and hitched a ride aboard a little white canal boat, heading west towards the sea. This journey would take him 2500 miles through Scotland’s canals, lochs and coastal waters from the industrial Clyde to the scattered islands of Viking Shetland. P.B. Published in 2006, this reprint is from 2007. 42 Chapters, Epilogue and Photographs. 340 Pages. £6

53. As the Women Lay Dreaming. A novel of the Iolaire disaster by Donald S. Murray. P.B Published in 2018. 227 Pages. £6

54. Lewis In History and Legend. The East Coast by Bill Lawson. Contents: Sire Bhac, Mu Thimcheall Steornabhaigh, An Rubha, Sgire nan Loch, Steornabhagh, Epilogue, References, Picture Credits, Maps, Index of Persons, Index of Main Topics, Index of Places. P.B. Published in 2011. 252 Pages. £8

55. The Life of John Knox by Thomas M’Crie. H.B. Reprinted in 1960. 8 Chapters, Addenda -Several Opinions entertained respecting Knox, Sketch of His Character. 294 Pages. £8

56. Scots Worthies by John Howie of Lochgoin. Revised from the Author’s Original Edition by the Rev W.H. Carslaw. H.B. published in 1870. 71 Worthies are profiled in this work including; Robert Baillie, John Balfour of Kinloch, David Black, Robert Blair, John Brown, Robert Bruce, George Buchanan, Richard Cameron, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll, Donald Cargill, Robert Cunningham, Andrew Duncan, Robert Fleming, William Gordon of Earstoun, James & William Guthrie, Alexander Henderson, Thomas Hog, Archibald Johnston, John Knox, Angus MacBean, Andrew Melville, etc, etc. Includes illustrations. 627 Pages. Ex Library. Inside page is slightly torn, but otherwise fine. £35

57. Common Ground. This publication allows photographers to imagine overlapping and interleaving spaces where their work coincides to produce a momentary view of Scotland today. Four views of the nation are presented as it stands on a historic fulcrum. This work was the focus of an exhibition which ran at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow from 26th August until 19th October 2014. A4 Size Publication. Contents: A Fine Line. American Always, Scottish Forever, Unsullied and Untarnished, Drawn to the Land, Should Scotland be an Independent Country, Scottish Sweet Sixteen, Scotia Nova, The Fall and Rise of Ravenscraig, Welsh Collective -A Fine Beginning. 83 Pages of Text and Photographs. £8

58. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1962. A4 Size Publication. Contents: Roll of Honour, Laughter in Court, Cosmopolitan Stornoway, The Rising Generation, In the Poacher’s Net, Picture of the Year, As I remember Lewis, Round Lewis with the Breve, Odd Things that Happen, Suil Air As, Change and Decay, Fifty Years Ago, also includes some other articles. Contains an enormous selection of Photographs and adverts. The Annuals from this era were among the best in the 50 years of the annual’s publication. 50 Pages. £8

59.Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1984. A4 Size Publication. Contents: The work of the IDP, The Dawn of Education in Lewis, In Search of Relatives, From Our Files, Observations on the Weather, The Forces and the Community, Car na Cuibhle, Memories of a Harris childhood, Am Breabadair Mor, Bardachd Mhurchaidh, Suil Ar Ais, Fifty Years with the Breve, An Island Heritage, A Meeting with Mrs Kennedy Fraser,Museum Nan Eilean, A Legal Tradition. Includes many photographs and Adverts. 80 Pages. £8

60.Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 2004. A4 Size Colour Publication. Contents: Islands Sports Starts, The Tradition Bearer, A Visit to Kabul, Hercules and the Pitchfork, Lesser Known Stone Circles, A tale of many Clans, Historical Jewellery, A healthy future for Native Shinty, Too many Horns, Attractive pull of Skye, A life on the Edge, Colourful Memories of Classroom Days, Tracing Roots from Sydney to Callanish, Stornoway and the Nuremburg Trials, 25 Years of Learning for Feisean, Hydro Energy of Old, Hebridean Blankets, Includes Photographs and Adverts. 58 Pages. £8

61.Sy Gone By. The Stornoway Historical Society Journal. Issue 43 December 2014. Contents: Langlands -Stornoway’s Forgotten Fleet (Part II),Bayhead Street Memories, The Great War, Post War Commercial Aviation in Stornoway, Hugh Strachan -Stornoway’s Talented Young Artist, Stornoway, The Mackay Letters, German Wartime Reconnaissance Photographs of Stornoway. Also includes a very good selection of Photographs. 38 Pages. £6

62. Sy Gone By. The Stornoway Historical Society Journal. Issue 46 2016. Contents: Glen House, Looking Back at School Hostels in Stornoway, The Battle of Jutland, Reflecting on Lord Leverhulme, Junior Football, Dr Donald Murray MP, John Morrison Jnr, Assynt House, Asians Abroad, The Stornoway Shipping Company, Includes Photographs and Adverts. 38 Pages. £6

63.A Royal Visit to the Western Isles. A pictorial souvenir from the Stornoway Gazette. Golden Jubilee 2002. A4 Size Colour Publication. Full of text and photographs of the Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to the Western Isles in May 2002. 22 Pages. £8

64. My Friend Jessie Anne MacFarquhar of Dell Farm, Ness By Annie Morrison. Booklet, printed in the early 2000’s. 28 Pages. £6

65. Abair. Faclair. Gaidhlig -Beurla (Gaelic to English) Beurla gu Gaidhlig (English to Gaelic) Edited by R.W. Renton and J.A. Macdonald. Pocket Sized. First Edition 1979, this edition 1994. 162 Pages. £8

66. Lord of the Isles by Nigel Nicolson. P.B., Originally Published in 1960, this reprint is from 2000. The story of Lord Leverhulme and his ownership of the Islands of Lewis and Harris for a few years after WW1. 10 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index and Illustrations. 264 Pages. £8

67. The Guga Hunters by Donald S. Murray. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. Every year 10 men from Ness, the district at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, sail north west to a remote and inhospitable rock called Sulasgeir. Here they catch the Guga -the almost fully grown gannet chicks that nest in the 200 foot high cliffs. 8 Chapters, list of crews, and Illustrations. 259 Pages. £8

68. Seanchaidh na H-Airigh. (Story Teller of the Sheiling) le Iain MacCormaic. H.B. With D/J Published in 2011. Contents: Spuinneadaran Shine, Eilean Dideil, An Caisteal Gorm, Bathadh ann Iasgairean. 61 Duilleag. £20

69. Fuinnan Sailm. Gaelic Psalm Tunes. Including the Long Tunes Noted by Mr Whitehead, From Rev Donald Munro. Booklet, Printed in 1932. 48 Pages. £15

70. Stories Told by the Chief. Stories of Dunvegan told by Dame Flora Macleod of Macleod. Told to Young Members of clan Macleod During the Fifth Annual Clan Parliament in 1968. Edited by Joan Wolridge Gordon. Booklet, 28 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. 28 Pages. £8

71. The Resurgence of Arminianism by Rev Kenneth A. Macrae, Stornoway. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: The Doctrines of Arminianism, The Historical Aspect, A Fresh Start, The Faith Mission and the Lewis Revival, Conclusion. 32 Pages. £6

72. Back to the Wind front to the Sun. The Traditional Croft House by Caroline Hirst. Based on the collections of the late Angus Macleod of Calbost. P.B. Published in 2005. Contents: The Architecture and Construction of the Crofting House, The Interior layout and its Furnishings, The Role of the Home in the Everyday Running of the Croft, The Family and Community Life, Epilogue, Bibliography and Illustrations. 195 Pages. £8

73. Glasgow’s Gaelic Churches. Highland Religion in an Urban Setting 1690-1995 by Ian R Macdonald. P.B. Published in 1995. 7 Chapters. 105 Pages. £8

74. A Parents and Teachers Guide to Bilingualism. 2nd Edition by Colin Baker. P.B. Originally Published in 2000, this reprint is from 2006. 6 Chapters, Epilogue, Glossary, Index. 218 Pages. £8

75. Maxwell’s Ghost. An Epilogue to Gavin Maxwell’s Camusfearna by Richard Frere. With decorations by Robin McEwan. P.B. Published in 1999. 18 Chapters, Photographs. 253 Pages. £8

76. One Singer One Song Old and new stories and Songs of Glasgow Folk by Ewan McVicar. Illustrations by John Gahagan. P.B. Published in 1990. 9 stories and songs are covered in this book, also includes a Glossary, Profile of the Singers and the Songs. 176 Pages. £8

77. The Single Malt Whisky Companion. A Conoisseur’s Guide by Helen Arthur. H.B. With D/J Published in 1998. Part One looks at the story of single malt whisky, Whisky, part of Scotland’s heritage, a short whisky thesarus, Distilling malt whisky, the malt whisky regions of scotland, malt whiskies from around the world, enjoying single malt whiskies, Part two The single malt whisky directory, New Distilleries, rare malts and liquers, Part three Appendix, Glossary of Terms, Whisky Recipes, Enjoying, buying and investing in single malt whisky, Useful addresses, Index. Includes Photographs. 256 Pages. £8

78. Outer Hebrides (Western Isles Bird Report) 1997 (with 1992-96 additions) 14 Chapters and drawings. Booklet. 128 Pages. £6

79. The Island Nurse by Mary J Macleod. The entertaining and touching true story of a district nurse on a remote Scottish island in the early 1970’s. P.B. Published in 2012. Forty Two Chapters, Epilogue and Glossary. 347 Pages. £6

80. McIlvanney on Football by Hugh Mcilvanney. H.B. With D/J Published in 1994. Contents: The Big Man and Other Giants, Issues, World Cups. This is a collection of the best of McIllvanney’s writing on football. 283 Pages. £6

81. Lewis A History of the Island by Donald Macdonald. The most authoritative history ever written on the Isle of Lewis. The Twenty Four Chapters cover a wide variety of subjects and events from pre historic times through the Norse period, the Clan Feuds, and the various proprietorships up until the present day, with every aspect of life carefully examined. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 1stEdition. 24 Chapters, Bibliography, Official Sources of Material, Chapter Notes, Index. Includes Photographs. 224 Pages. £10

82. Scotland’s Story. From the Author of Our Island History by H.E Marshall. H.B. With D/J. Published in 2006. With Pictures by J.R. Skelton, John Hassall and J. Shaw Crompton. 90 Chapters, List of Kings from Duncan I, Index. 352 Pages. £8

83. Coco and Crabs. Coco is Crubagan. A Hebridean Childhood by Flora Macdonald. P.B. Published in 2009. 11 Chapters In Gaelic with an English Translation. Includes 2 CD’s. 111 Pages. £10

84. Fishing in the Gairloch Area by Harry Davis & Stan Frost. Booklet, printed mid 1990’s. 31 Chapters and an Index of Lochs. 63 Pages. £8

85. History of Bute by Dorothy N. Marshall. Bute Museum. Booklet, fifth edition printed in 1970. 51 Pages. £8

86. Short walks around Gairloch with Historical Narrative. Booklet, printed in 1987. 2nd Edition revised. Nine Chapters, The Loch Tollaidh Members, Poolewe to Gairloch Tour, Acknowledgements. 19 Pages. £6

87. Gangsters, Killers and Me by Gerard Gallacher. A Detective’s Story. The inside story of policing Glasgow’s Criminal Underworld.P.B. Published in 2011. This book covers from the 1980’s to the early part of the millenium. This is a compelling and gripping account of a police career at the sharp end of the action by a detective who wouldn’t toe the line, revealing what really happened behind the scenes in some of the country’s most high profile cases. 53 Chapters and Photographs. 323 Pages. £6

88. McGraw. The Incredible Untold Story of Tam “The Licensee” McGraw by Reg Mackay. P.B. Published in 2008. Tam McGraw was one of Glasgow’s most dangerous gangsters. He rose from poverty in the city’s East End to amass a vast fortune from crime and, when he died in 2007, his empire stretched from Glasgow to the canaries. When he was alsive few would talk openly. But now the incredible, untold story can finally be revealed. 75 Chapters, Where are the Now? Index and Photographs. 312 Pages. £6

89. Crimelord The Licensee. The True Story of Tam McGraw by David Leslie. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 31 Chapters and Photographs. 240 Pages. £6

90. Glasgow Crimefighter. The Les Brown Story. Les Brown and Robert Jeffrey. 19 Chapters and Photographs. 245 Pages. £6

91. Glasgow’s Godfather. The astonishing inside story of Walter Norval, The City’s First Crime Boss by Robert Jeffrey. P.B. Published in 2003. 14 Chapters and Photographs. 224 Pages. £6

92 .Reflections of a Naturalist by Rob Hume. Life With Birds. Editor of the RSPB’s Birds Magazine. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 22 Chapters and Drawings. 320 Pages. £8

93.Harris in History and Legend by Bill Lawson. P.B. Published in 2002. Contents: The Machair, Tarasaigh, Caol Na Hearadh, Tairbeart and na Baigh, The Forest and Scalpaigh, Hiort (St Kilda), Epilogue, Appendix, References, Picture Credits, Maps, Index of Persons, Index of Main Topics, Index of Places. Includes Photographs. 224 Pages. £8

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215 Pages. £10

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176. The Prehistoric Rock Art of Argyll by Ronald W.B. Morris. Preface by Professor A. Thom. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. This book is a complete and detailed study of the unusual prehistoric rock carvings which adorn many of the rock outcrops and sometimes free standing stones in Argyll. Contents: Foreword, Acknowledgements, Location Maps, Prehistoric Art, Elements of Rock Art, Catalogue of Sites, Bibliography, Index to Sites. 128 Pages. £15

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200. The Life of a Prairie Radical. William Irvine by Anthony Mardiros. Irvine’s Contribution to the socialist movement in Canada spanned the greater part of the twentieth century, and his influence can still be felt throughout the country. P.B. Published in 1979. 12 chapters, Epilogue, Appendices, Notes, Index and Photographs. 298 Pages. £10

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208. Finlay Macqueen of St Kilda by W.R Mitchell. P.B. Published in 1992. This is the first book to be devoted to the legendary Finlay Macqueen (1862-1941). He was a man of Two worlds: the remote archipelago of St Kilda -a scattering of islands 45 miles west of Uist, in the Outer Hebrides -and the much gentler landscape of Fife where he spent his last few years. 10 Chapters, Postscript, Illustrations and Photographs. 96 Pages. £8

209. St Kilda Myth & Reality. Booklet, printed in 2007. This booklet is based on a discussion entitled ‘Writing about St Kilda: Myth and Reality’ at the inaugural Hebridean Book Festival (Faclan) held at An Lanntair in Stornoway in late August/ Early September 2006. Contents: St Kilda: Myth and Reality by John Randall, Conflicting Views on St Kilda by Bill Lawson, Natural History and the ‘St Kilda Library’, Some Comments on St Kilda Books by Michael Robson. 31 Pages. £6

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ion Acknowledgements. 226 Pages. £15

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216. Kirkwall The Official Guide With Map. Booklet, date of printing unknown, but possibly circa 1930’s. Fourth Edition.Contents include; How to Reach Kirkwall, Ancient and Modern Distimctions, The Farthest North Cathedral, Other Tourist Attractions, Recreation, Walks, Motor Tours, Cruises to Other Isles, Trout Fishing Lochs, etc, Also includes Facts and Figures, Index and Folding Map. Illustrations and Adverts. 19 Chapters. 50 Pages. £20

217. Kirkwall Official Guide. Booklet, date of printing possibly 1937. 22 Chapters, Index and Folding Map. Contents include the same as the Official Guide above. Includes Illustrations and Adverts. 50 Pages. £20

218.Clyde Cruising Club Sailing Directions and Anchorages West Coast of Scotland. (Tenth Edition)H.B. Published in 1974, this reprint is from 1978. 11 Chapters, Sailing Directions and Anchorages for 9 different routes, Glossary of Gaelic Terms, Tables of Distances, High and Low Water at Any Port, Time and Height Differences for Tidal Predictions, Index. Includes a List of Plates. 327 Pages. £20

219. Scottish Island Hopping. A Handbook for the Independent Traveller by Jemima Tindall. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. Contents: Introduction: The Shetland Islands, The Orkney Islands, The Outer Hebrides, The Inner Hebrides, The Islands of the Clyde, The Islands of the Forth, Maps, Index to Islands. 272 Pages. £15

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222. Raasay A Study in Island History by Richard Sharpe. P.B. Published in 1977. Ten Chapters, Epilogue, Bibliography and Index of Names. Includes newspaer cuttings on the Isalnd. 90 Pages. £20

223. Portree Origins and Early History by Ella Liley. P.B. Published in 2015. Contents: In the Beginning, Fishing Villages, Portree as a Fishing Village, Early Villagers, Building Continues, Destitution, Emigration or Industry, Bibliography and 2 Appendices : Chronology of Portree, Occupation and Ages 1841. Includes Photographs. 58 Pages. £8

224. Benbecula by Ray Burnett. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. 1st Edition. Contents: Balivanich, Aird and Balfinlay, Nunton, Grimisnish, Torlum and Borve, Liniclate, Creagorry and the South Ford, Hacklett to Peter’s Port and Uskevagh, Market Stance to Gramasdale and the North Ford, Sources and Select Bibliography. Includes Illustrations and Maps. 164 Pages. £15

225. St Barr’s Church Northbay Barra 1906-2006. Compiled by Mairi Ceit Mackinnon. Booklet, printed in 2006. Includes a detailed history of the church and a list of serving priests. Also includes a very good selection of photographs. 39 Pages. £8

226. Coll and Tiree The Sea Kingdom. Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. Written by Rosalind Jones. Edited by Edward C.M. Parsons. Booklet, printed in June 2003. 14 Chapters, 32 Pages. Which includes Photographs. £6

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236. Scottish Weapons & Fortifications 1100-1800 by David H. Caldwell. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. 17 Chapters, Figures, Photographs, Index. This book grew out of two conferences in Edinburgh. Owing to the great interest in the work presented on both occasions it was thought desirable to bring them together, along with other material suggested by discussion at the conferences and related work by other scholars and thus make it available to a wider audience. 452 Pages. £25

237. George Mackay Brown by Alan Bold. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. This book is the first full length critical study of the celebrated Orkney writer. Contents: Orkneyman, Poet, Storyteller, Dramatist and Novelist, A Timeless Voyage, Bibliography. 117 Pages. £10

238. Wildlife in the Highlands by Dugald Macintyre. Shooting, Fishing, Natural History and Legend. H.B. With D/J Published in 1936, this new and revised Edition was published in 1950. Eighteen Chapters and Illustrations. 254 Pages. £30

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242. Wild Endeavour by Don and Bridget Macaskill. H.B. With D/J Published in 1975. 14 Chapters,Prologue & Epilogue. Includes Photographs. 150 Pages. Includes Don Macaskill’s Obituary from the Scots Magazine in 1980. £15

243. Caithness and the War 1939-1945. A Record. Written and Compiled by N.M. glass, Wick. H.B Published in 1948. 52 Chapters and Photographs. An in depth look at the area during these War years with an enormous amount of detail and photographs. Includes all those from Caithness who served in WWII. 152 Pages. £125

244. This Noble Harbour. A History of the Cromarty Firth. By Marinell Ash. Edited by James Macaulay & Margaret A. Mackay. P.B. Originally Published in 1991, this reprint is from 1992. Nine Chapters, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Bibliography, Index. 305 Pages. £10

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248. Shetland Documents 1580-1611. Edited by John H. Ballantyne & Brian Smith. H.B. With D/J Published in 1994. This work is a collection of texts and summaries of Shetland documents from the period of the Stewart earls. Contents: Preface, Abbreviations, Introduction, Shetland Documents 1580-1611, Glossary, Index. 329 Pages. £20

249. Days of Orkney Steam by Alastair and Anne Cormack. Foreword by Lord Birsay. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. 1st Edition. 13 Chapters, 7 Appendices, Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations. 232 Pages. £25 (Includes Newspaper Cuttings on Orkney Ships)

250. Jura Island of Deer by Peter Youngson. P.B. Published in 2001. Contents: The Island and it’s Wild Life, Far Off Times, People and Places, Early Visitors, The Church, The Eighteenth Century, The Nineteenth Century, Schools and Travel, The Crofters Commision and the Isles of the North, Tales of Jura, The Twentieth Century, Bibliography, Index and Photographs, Maps and Figures.The First major work to be written about one of the largest islands of the Inner Hebrides. 569 Pages. £25

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255. Analysis of the Statistical Account of Scotland by the Right Hon Sir John Sinclair Bart. H.B. Reprinted in 1970. In Two Parts. Reprints in Social and Economic History Selected by Professor S.B. Paul, Department of Economic History University of Edinburgh. Part One has 11 Chapters and Appendixes. Part Two has 3 Chapters and 3 Chapters of Appendixes. £85 for both.

256. The Book of Ross Sutherland and Caithness. A Composite Illustrated Guide to the Counties of Ross, Sutherland, Caithness (with Inverness section) By D Macdonald & A. Polson. P.B. Date of Printing Unknown, but possibly 1940’s. Contents: Inverness, Ross Shire, Sutherland Caithness, Illustrations and Adverts. 176 Pages. £20

257. Characters of the Highest Order 1. A Pinch Of Salt. Plockton, Lochcarron, Kyle, Glenelg, Kintail, Skye. This Book is dedicated to SW Ross and Skye Characters Past, Present, Prospective and Promising, Matey and the Other One. P.B. Printed in 1991. Compiled by AMG Ball. 158 Pages about local characters and local services. £10

258. Roads to the Isles. A Guidebook to Scotland’s Far West Including the Regions of Fort William Morar, Moidart, Ardnamurchan and Morvern by Tom Atkinson. P.B. Printed in 1983. this Fourth Edition is from 1986. Contents: Introduction, Summary of Tours, Fort William, Morar and Mallaig, Morvern, Strontian, Acharacle & Moidart, Ardnamurchan. 104 Pages. £8

259. Highland Naturalist. A Gamekeeper’S Observations & Discoveries By Dugald Macintyre. With Illustrations. H.B. With D/J Second Edition. The book is in 12 parts, Illustrations and has a Glossary of Gaelic, Scots & Latin Names. 239 Pages. £20

260. See Your Forests Scotland. A Forestry Commission Publication. A complete guide to forest walks. Picnic places, wayfaring, fishing, horseriding and so many other things to see and do. Booklet. £8

261. The Foresters. The Story of Scotland’s Forest’s by James Miller. P.B. Published in 2009. 5 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 226 Pages. £10

262. The Birth and Death of a Highland Railway by Duncan Kennedy. H.B. With D/J published in 1971. 1st Edition. 26 Chapters and Illustrations. 171 Pages. £20

263.The Life and Letters of an Orkney Naturalist Reverend George Low 1747 -95 by Olaf D. Cuthbert. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. A Limited Edited of which only 500 copies were printed to commemorate the bicentenary of George Low’s death in 1795. Contents: Foreword, Preface, Introduction, A Student in Philosophy, Preacher of the Gospel, The Shetland Jaunt, A Matrimonial Affair, A Poor Trow of an Orkney Brodie, The Druid of Birsay, Another Year Will Do As Well, Epilogue, Tour Through the North Isles and part of the Mainland of Orkney 1778, Appendix: The Manuscripts of George Low, Index. 128 Pages. (Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the Book) £25

264. Barra By Helen McGregor & John Cooper. P.B. Published in 1984. The purpose of this book is two-fold: to give in new but timeless photographs some visual impressions of the island, and to present in a text a picture of its way of life through the history, religious beliefs, folklore, tales and poems of its people. Over 100 pages of text and photographs. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £15

265.Stornoway -A quick tour around the town’s past. Booklet, written and designed by Fred Silver. Printed in 2004. Contents: Introduction, A walk through Stornoway, Lews Castle in its former Glory, Industries around Stornoway. Text and numerous photographs. 28 Pages. £6

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267. Forests of Central and Southern Scotland. Forestry Commission Booklet No 25. By Herbert L. Edlin. A4 Size Publication Printed in 1969. Contents: Historical, Galloway, From Clyde to Forth, Perthshire, Fife, Kinross and Clackmannan, Edinburgh and the Lothians, The Borders, Maps. 86 Pages. £15

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271. Undiscovered Scotland by W.H. Murray. Climbs on rock, snow, and ice. Illustrated with twenty four pages of photographs and with fourteen maps and diagrams by Robert Anderson. H.B. Published in 1951. 1st Edition. 22 Chapters,232 Pages. £25

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273.Caring for the High Mountains -Conservation of the Cairngorms. By J.H. Conroy, Adam Watson, A.R. Gunson. P.B. Published in 1990. This book is from the proceedings of a conference on Conservation of the Cairngorms which was held at Aberdeen University on 12 March 1988. 12 Papers in total and 3 other Papers. 158 Pages. Includes Photographs and Maps. £10

274. The Search for Morag. Elizabeth Montgomery Campbell with David Solomon. H.B. With D/J published in 1972. 1st Edition. This book is about the fact that Large, aquatic beasts may well edxist in a number of lakes throughout the world and, in Loch Morar, in a much remoter part of the Highlands than Ness, sightings have been made with remarkable frequency. Contents: Foreword, Background, Environment, Evidence, Assessment, Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations and Figures. 192 Pages. £20

275. Scottish Country Life by Alexander Fenton. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 1st Edition. 13 Chapters, Conclusion, References, General Bibliography, Index. Includes Drawings and Illustrations. 255 Pages. Includes a Magazine article about the author. £15

276. Get To Know Scotland’s Forests by Peter Ross. This book is a first in a series of guide books designed to help the holiday maker to explore Scotland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 3 Chapters, Photographs and Index. 160 Pages. £15

277. Place Names of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by Alexander MacBainWith Notes and a Foreword by William J. Watson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1922. Contents: Sutherland, Skye, Lochaber, Lochalsh, Hebrides, Inverness and Vicinity, Inverness Shire, Badenoch, Annat, Gaelic “Airigh” Sheiling in Norse Place Names, Glenshiel, Tomnahurich, Ross and Cromarty, Elginshire, Scotland, Argyll. 381 Pages. £85

278. Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist by Margaret Fay Shaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. 1st Edition. Contents: Introduction, Prayer and Saint Days,Proverbs and sayings, Old Cures, Recipes for Dyeing Wool, Recipes for Special Dishes, Stories, Songs -Introduction, Reciters, Firs Lines of Songs and ballads, Bibliography, Index, Map. Includes Illustrations. 290 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with reviews of the book. £45

279. Hebridean Island. Memories of Scarp by Angus Duncan (1888-1971.) Edited by A. Duncan. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. 30 Chapters, Appendix Notes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 218 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the Book. £10

280. Stornoway in World War Two by Mike Hughes with John Davenport. P.B. Published in 2008. 10 Chapters, Acknowledgements, Glossary and List of Illustrations. 66 Pages. £8

281. The Lost Wheelhouses of Uist by Susan Hothersall & Robert Tye. Booklet, printed in 2000. A guide to some of the excavated wheelhouses of North & South Uist. 8 Chapters, Conclusion, Further Reading, How to get There, Uist Map. Includes Photographs. 26 Pages. £8

282. The Herring Girl’s in Stornoway. Booklet, printed in 2004. Contents: The Lure of the Silver Darlings, Turning the catch into a foodstuff, Essential role of the Herring Girls, Herring Season in Verse, Commemorating the Herring Girls. Includes Photographs. 20 Pages. £6

283. Skye by Derek Cooper. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. 1st Edition. Contents: Skye A View, Gazetteer, Anthology, Some dates, Books Worth Reading, Index, Skye Mileage Chart, Map of Skye and includes Illustrations. 242 Pages. Includes 3 pages telling about the author’s book collection being donated to Ravenspoint, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis in 2011. £15

284. Hebrid Echoes by Archd N. Currie. H.B. Published circa 1920’s or possibly earlier. 51 Songs in Total. 40 Pages. £25

285. The White Island by John Lister Kaye. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972, this is a Third Impression from that year. 12 Chapters, Photographs and Drawings. 179 Pages. £10

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288. Deer Forests Landlords and Crofters. The Western Highlands in Victorian and Edwardian Times by Willie Orr. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. Part One Looks at the Historical pattern, Part Two looks at the Social and Economic Benefits. Includes appendices on the Sheep and Cattle Numbers in the Crofting Counties 1855-1910. 226 Pages. £30

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292. The Origins of the Scottish Railway System 1722-1844 by C.J.A. Robertson. H.B. With D/J published in 1983. 6 Chapters, Appendix, Notes, Bibliography and Index. Includes Maps. 421 Pages. £25

293. In My Small Corner. Memories of an Orkney Childhood by Margaret Aitken. P.B. Published in 2001. Thirteen Chapters, Glossary. 127 Pages. £8

294. The Rise and fall of Scottish Industry 1707-1939 by R.H. Campbell. H.B. With D/J published in 1980. Part One: The Roots of Success, Part Two: The Supporters of Success, Part Three: Industrial Collapse, Conclusion, Tables and Index. 208 Pages. £15

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296. The Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World. Survival, Continuity and Change. Edited by Alexander Fenton and Hermann Palsson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. Part Onelooks at Material Culture, Archaeology and Ethnology and has 8 Chapters. Part Two deals with Place Names and History and has 4 chapters. Part Three -Language, Literature and Oral Tradition and has 6 Chapters. Part 4 Interpretation has one Chapter. 347 Pages. £25

297. The Scottish Hand Loom Weavers 1790-1850. A Social History by Norman Murray. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. Contents: Introduction, The Labour Force, Trends and Cycles in the Trade, Real Incomes, The Incidence and Relief of Poverty, Aspects of Everyday Life, Cultural Change, Attempts and Trade Unionism, Radical Attitudes and Activities, Bibliography, Glossary, Index. 269 Pages. £25

298. Lonely Colonsay. Island at the Edge by Kevin Byrne. P.B. Published in 2010. 13 Chapters, Appendix and Bibliography, Notes on Local Place Names. Includes Plates. 290 Pages. £8

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301. St Kilda by George Seton. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. This is a facsimilie of the 1878 Edition. Thirteen Chapters and Illustrations. Contents: The Hebrides or Western Isles, Published Accounts of St Kilda, Early History and Ownership, Local Incidents Since the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century, Natural Features of the Islands. Physical Characteristics of the Inhabitants -Their Dress, Food and Houses, Climate, Crops, and Live Stock, Population of St Kilda -Surnames, Occupations, etc, Sea Birds and Cragsmen, Diseases of the Islanders, Education, Morals and Religion, Music, Customs and Antiquities, The Future of St Kilda -Recent Newspaper Correspondence, etc. Includes Illustrations. 346 Pages. £45

302. Industrial Archaeology of Galloway. South West Scotland including, Wigtown, Kirkudbright and parts of Dumfries by Ian Donnachie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. Section One: The Regional Economy of Galloway 1700-1900, Agricultural Processing and Rural Crafts, Textiles, Mining and Quarrying, Transport and Trade. Section Two includes Inventory, Notes and References, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index. Includes Illustrations. 271 Pages. £35

303. Ancient & Mediaeval Sculptured Stones of Islay by W.D. Lamont. P.B. Published in 1968, this second Edition is from 1972. Contents: Preface, Ancient Crosses, slabs and Free Standing, The Age of the Gael Gall, The Mediaeval Stones, Graham’s Index of Islay Carved Stones, Graham’s Charts of Principal Stones, Principal Place Names, Map of Sculptured Stone Locations, Bibliography. Includes Plates. 95 Pages. £15

304. The Early History of Islay by W.D. Lamont. (500-1726) P.B. Published in 1966. Contents: Ancient Times, Islay in the Middle Ages, Early Modern Times, Appendices: The Districts of Islay, The Installation and Council of the Lord of the Isles, The Early Reformation Church in Islay, Notes on Islay Extents and Land Denominations, Map References, Genealogical Tables, Bibliography. 89 Pages. £15

305. The Islands of Scotland by Norman Tennent. A guide to all the Islands excluding Skye. With Fifty Illustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 1934, Reprinted and Amended Edition from 1976. Nine Chapters, The privilege of access, Amendment 1976, Index. Includes Illustrations. 182 Pages. £10

306. Notice of the Excavation of a Broch at Jarlshof, Sumburgh, Shetland by John Bruce of Sumburgh. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, December 10, 1906. Pamphlet printed in 1907. 33 Pages. £15

307. Remember When We Lived on Arran by Tom Alexander. Some Recollections of Life on Arran Between the Years 1947-1984. P.B. Published in 1986. 15 Chapters and Illustrations. 71 Pages. £10

308. Birds of Rhum. A4 Size Publication. By J.A. Love. 22 Pages. £15

309. The Highlands & Islands Advisory Panel. A review of its activities and influences 1946-1964 by F.G. Thompson. Printed in May 1978. A4 Size Publication. Contents: The Demand for a Highland Development Authority, The Formation of the Highlands & Islands Advisory Panel, Meetings of the Advisory Panel, The Work and Influences of the Panel, Appendices, Sources and Bibliography. 50 Pages. £20 (Scarce)

310. The Isle of May by W.J. Eggeling. H.B. With D/J Published in 1960. 1st Edition. Contents: Foreword, Preface, A Naturalists Prayer, General which has 12 Chapters, Part Two; Detailed Accounts: 7 Chapters, Appendixes: Place Names, Recoveries of Ringed Birds, Invertebrate Lists, Index, Maps and Includes Photographs. 280 Pages. Includes an article from Bird Notes about a visit to The Isle of May by C.K. Mylne, dated 1950’s. Also signed by the Author and the Illustrator Donald Watson. £35

311. ROSC Review of Scottish Culture. Number 3 1987. Edited by Alexander Fenton with Hugh Cheape and Rosalind K Marshall. 17 Articles, Photographs and Reviews. Magazine type publication. 139 Pages. £10

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313. Ebb and Flow. Aspects of the History of Montrose Basin by the Montrose Basin Heritage Society. P.B. published in 2004. 10 Chapters, Epilogue, Bibliography, Other Sources, Index. Includes Photographs. 142 Pages. £10

314. The Place Names of Birsay by Hugh Marwick. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. Edited and Introduced by W.F.H. Nicolaisen. This book deals with over 600 names, and is undoubtedly the most comprehensive account ever published of the names of one parish. 135 Pages. £25

315. The Caithness Book. Editor Donald Omand. Foreword by Neil Gunn. H.B. With D/J published in 1972. Part One: The Natural Environment, Part Two: Historical, Part Three: General. Includes a list of Plates. 271 Pages. £25

316. The Book of Ross by D.Macdonald -Sutherland & Caithness by A. Polson and Orkney and Shetland by James Brown. Descriptive, Historical and Antiquarian Notes. Includes Numerous Illustrations. Covers the History of Ross Shire, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney & Shetland. Includes Adverts. 142 Pages. Printed in the 1920’s. £45

317. The Book of Ross by D. Macdonald and Sutherland and Caithness by A.Polson. Descriptive, Historical and Antiquarian Notes with Numerous Illustrations. Contents: Ross Shire, Sutherland, Caithness. P.B. Printed in the 1920’s. Includes Adverts. 142 Pages. £45

318. John Anthonys Flora of Sutherland. Edited and Compiled by J.B. Kenworthy. P.B. Published in 1976. 14 Chapters, 201 Pages. £20

319. Their Children Will See and Other Stories by James Shaw Grant. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 6 Stories which are from the Gaelic speaking communities of the Western Isles, are all concerned with the individual in society. 192 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £10

320. The Isle of Taransay by Bill Lawson. A Harris Island in its Historical Setting. Booklet, printed in 1997. 17 Chapters. 44 Pages. £6

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354. Arran Bird Atlas 2007-2012. mapping the breeding and wintering birds of Arran. A5 Size Publication published in 2014. Contents: Map of Arran, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Previous Atlas Surveys, Arran, Collecting the Data, General Results, Introduction to Species Map, Species Map, The Future, List of Contributors, Appendixes, References and Bibliography, Index to Species by Common Name. Includes Photographs. 158 Pages. £8

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364. The Fulmar and the Rock: A Fable of St Kilda by Hugh Gunn Ross. P.B. Published in 2004. A novel which evokes a distant world of the late nineteenth century, and weaves a powerful narrative through moments of great happiness, failure, tragedy and loss. 278 Pages. £8

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400. Dive Scapa Flow by Rod Macdonald. P.B. Published in 1990. 8 Chapters, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 160 Pages. £10