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The life of a photographer on the islands can be full of surprises and not a little subterfuge.

So Sandie Maciver, of, found herself on a beach in Harris recently.

She was working for the local tourist group…or so she claimed to a man and woman who she met on the sands at Scarista.

But one of the two knew far more than he was letting on.

Sandie explains: “Damian got in touch to ask if I would capture a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Ivana while they were in Harris on holiday.

“Despite the heavy rain, the plan was set for me to go to Scarista beach and pretend I was working for the local tourism authority taking photos of visitors enjoying the beach in all weathers.

“To make the story to Ivana more convincing I made a mock identity card and showed it while I asked if they were OK with me taking photos...”

And as the photographs show, Ivana was so distracted by the photographer’s activities that she didn’t notice Damian getting out the wee box containing the engagement ring and getting down on one knee…but once she did, Sandie was right on the spot of capture the moment of surprise and joy.