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Residents throughout the Western Isles are being contacted by telephone and told that they have overpaid Council Tax by as much as £2000. 

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s Trading Standards team say: Do not to engage with the caller and end the call.

CnES say this is a scam currently circulating in the islands.

The caller claims that they are working for a debt recovery company and will be able to reclaim the overpayment for you.

To make the call sound more genuine the callers say they are calling from a business based in London and give their Companies House registration number.  

But number quoted is from a business which is now dissolved and is no longer trading.

CnES say: "Our advice is not to give callers any financial details. These callers are trained in high pressure sales techniques and are very persuasive, their aim is to get your bank card details. We advise not to engage with the caller and to end the call."