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A Loganair flight from Stornoway declared a mid-air emergency as it approached Glasgow airport yesterday evening (Monday 14 June).

Flight LM479 had already been delayed from its due departure time of 7.40pm, taking off from Stornoway at 8.44pm with 22 passengers and three crew aboard.

Pilots reportedly responded to ‘smoke in the cockpit’ mid-flight and initiated emergency procedures as they approached Glasgow.

The plane, a 31-year-old Saab 340 named Spirit of Caithness, had its transponder set to issue the code 7700, also known as squawk 7700.

This code declares an emergency and alerts air traffic control to give the aircraft priority and assistance.

Passengers on board reported the smell of burning during the flight. Emergency vehicles including fire crews and paramedics were awaiting the aircraft as it touched down at Glasgow just before 9.30pm.

One passenger said: “The crew were amazing, so calm. They basically stopped straight away as we touched down and got us out, leaving our belongings on board. We were all totally looked after.”

A spokesperson for Loganair said: "Following an alert on flight LM479 from Stornoway to Glasgow, the crew carried out the appropriate action and landed safely at Glasgow Airport.

“As per precautionary procedure, emergency services met the aircraft on landing. None of the three crew members or 22 passengers on board were injured. 

"Safety as always is our top priority. We are grateful to Glasgow Airport for its support and assistance."

Picture on the runway after the emergency supplied by a passenger.