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Stornoway Golf Club has issued a warning to walkers as outdoor sport gradually returns to post-Covid normal.

Relative inactivity at the golf course in Lews Castle grounds over the past year has led to changed behaviour – and perhaps to some walkers forgetting that it is a golf course at all.

The club said: “Members would like to remind people of the dangers of walking through and across the golf course. If you or your pet is hit with a golf ball that could be travelling at over 150mph, it could maim or kill.

“The danger areas are mainly the paths crossing the fairways, where golfers are playing across them, or the paths which run along the side of the fairway.

“Signposts indicate where the golf course starts. Paths should be entered by carefully checking for players. Walkers should try to avoid walking on the fairways as there is a greater chance of a ball hitting them.”

At the same time golfers are reminding dog-walkers to keep their pets on a lead and to pick-up after their dogs, for the safety and protection of all concerned.

They said: “Dogs on leads cannot run off with balls, dig in bunkers or run across the greens.

“We would also like to thank all dog walkers for picking up after their pets. There is nothing worse than hitting your shot into grass at the side of the hole and finding it sitting in dog poo, or our green-keepers strimming ditches and being covered. Not a pleasant experience.

“We wish to keep everyone safe and by staying alert and aware it will keep us all safe and enjoying our chosen exercise.”