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Three women called for emergency help when they became lost and disorientated after dark at Luskentyre last night (Saturday 8 May).

The three called 999 for help at 10.55pm, after setting out to walk from the car park by the cemetery and finding themselves confused about their location in the darkness.

Harris Coastguard Rescue Team was tasked to help the women, who were encouraged to use the location app what3words, which pinpoints locations to within a three-metre square of landscape, anywhere in the world, by using three unique words.

Using the app and torches, members of the CRT were able to find the group less than an hour after their call, walking with them escort back to their car.

All were reported safe and well and the team stood down by 12.09 am today (Sunday).

A Coastguard spokesperson said: “We’d like to say this group did everything right once they realised they were lost - they stayed on safe non-tidal ground, conserved phone batteries and dialled 999 to alert emergency services to their situation.”

The image shows the location as defined by the what3words app.

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