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Western Isles Conservative candidate Mr Gavin Berkenheger has used his final statement of this Scottish Parliamentary election campaign to rally the call to vote blue twice in tomorrow's (Thursday's) poll.

The geologist and crofter has said the response from folk the length and breadth of the Western Isles to his campaign has been “incredible”. 

He said: “ It is very clear from people I speak to up and down these islands that they feel the SNP has neglected them, centralised control, and centralised the money and they see the economic outlook of this great country of ours suffering particularly at a time where great challenges face us all as we navigate the economy out of the ravaging impact of Covid-19.

"The nationalists are deliberately ignoring the economics. Can they answer for example who our lender of last resort will be? Will the taxation burden increase? What will our currency be? The effects on the economy of capital flight? What will our export tariff rates be with the UK, who will then be our competitors? How will we increase employment and reduce state dependency?  Who will defend our territorial waters and so much more. The answer to each will be No!  The latest Institute for Fiscal Studies calculation projects a Scottish deficit for 20/21 of 22-25% of GDP , a peacetime record , compared with a whole UK figure of 14.5%. Where’s the money going to come from?  It is terrifying. “

He concludes: “Only the Scottish Conservatives can offer a clear path through the extreme difficulties that lie ahead."


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ALLAN, Alasdair James

Scottish National Party (SNP)


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