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Alice the cria (baby alpaca) was born yesterday morning (Monday 26 April) in the croft at Callanish Alpacas, and is pictured here with her first-time mum, Pandora.

Callanish Alpacas’ Clare Lewis said: “I was alerted to the cria’s arrival by a shout from my neighbour – Pandora had chosen to have her baby right by their back window and the first thing I knew was my neighbour shouting: ‘Clare! Baby!’

“It’s exactly a year ago today that we had our first visit from Archie the alpaca, who came from Auld Mill Alpacas in Elgin to meet our girls.

“Alpacas carry their babies for between 325 and 370 days, and Alice has been born exactly at 350 days. We named her for a lovely lady with whom she shares her birthday, and it’s quite fitting that the neighbour who first spotted her is called Ali, too!”

Alice now has not just her mum, but five adoring auntie alpacas to look after her. She’s set to be joined by cousins before long, with three more cria expected during May.

Clare pointed out the colour variety among alpacas, with Alice sporting a white undercoat and top-coat of apricot, even though her mother is black and Archie, her dad, is dark brown.

She said: “There are 22 different shades of colour with alpacas, and absolutely no way of telling what colour any baby will be, regardless of their parentage or ancestry.

“Alice will be staying with us for good though, as she’s a girl. Alpacas are a highly matriarchal society and we can expand the herd with girls.”

Callanish Alpacas are open to visitors at the moment within limited hours, from Wednesday to Sunday each week, between 11am and 5pm, although under current restrictions there are no bookable feeding-time visits.

But Clare promises that the baby will be out and about with her mother and aunties and that visitors are very likely to see her if they call.

Cute pictures of one-day-old Alice and her mum are provided by Clare at Callanish Alpacas.