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A new and rather complex scam is being aimed at British or Scottish Gas business customers in Stornoway for gas - and elsewhere on the islands for electricity.

Instead of a single voice on the phone, there’s a voice coming from what appears to be a large call centre. 

Instead of asking for the “person in charge”, they already know the name of the enterprise leader.

Instead of seeming to have only a cursory knowledge of the service about which they are calling, they have all sorts of details – all of which could come from a single copy of your utility bill – which make their approach very convincing.

Plus, they bombard you with repeated calls from different staff members…all exhibiting deep concern for your company’s well-being.

And they give a personal name…somewhat unconvincing in the light of the accent which they are using – and they have a complex back-story in terms of why they are ringing with such urgency.

It’s an issue created by Covid-19 and the failure of the British Gas email system for one part of the business…meaning that the sales department is handling issues which it normally does not – and they ask you to take a pen and paper to note down figures of a new low-cost offer.

All this is because your contract is entering its renewal window.

Actually, it isn’t.  And they aren’t from British Gas, according to the company’s headquarters.

A bit of a giveaway was they had no idea what LPG was; or how many meters there were in the premises of the company contacted.  And when finally, after three days, they were told that there was confirmation from the firm’s HQ that they were not who they claimed…the phone went instantly silent. 

Watch out, folks!