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Have you missed visiting art exhibitions?  Maybe you can’t wait to get back into a gallery and appreciate the world through an artist’s eyes. 

A brand-new website from South Dell-based artists, David Greenall and Ruth O’Dell, will bring the art straight to you. 

David and Ruth’s joint website went live on Thursday 22 April, giving the outside world a glimpse into their studios.  The husband and wife painters commented: “We are hoping to remind people that we’re still here and reach new people, on the islands and beyond.”

Painting has been a steady part of David and Ruth’s lives, including during their move to Lewis in the early 90’s and as they raised their daughters in the Western Isles.  Although Merseyside-born David became an artist later in life than some, he has been painting for 40 years and remembers working on a fishing boat in Norfolk, drawing when it wasn’t his turn to steer! Ruth, whose father was an art teacher, started painting as a young girl; drawing family members, sketching outside and photographing scenes to paint later.  Ruth describes her artistic process as a journey, with her work and life changing and evolving together.  “I’ll either have an idea fermenting inside or I sometimes wake up in the night and things come to me,” Ruth remarked.  “Sometimes I have a vague image in my head.  Other times, I work blind and wait to see what happens.  It just depends!” 

The couple’s island home influences their work, with David taking inspiration from the beaches and landscapes, and Ruth focussing on depicting crofting life and nature.  Throughout the years, their work has evolved to create evocative images of ocean views, in David’s case, and tranquil still lives and skillful portraits, in Ruth’s case. 

In keeping with the uplifting nature of their work, the couple are looking to the future with positivity.  Ruth commented: “We want to keep motivated to produce new work.  We’re moving on and mixing it up a bit!  We’ll put our latest work on the website and it will be displayed in other galleries, such as the Finsbay Gallery.”  David continued: “My only plan for the future is to paint and I am looking forward to working on my series of coast and beach paintings in Harris.” 

David and Ruth’s new website can be found at Visit the site to find out the inspiration behind the artists’ latest work and see life in the Outer Hebrides through the eyes of David and Ruth.