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Labour has described promises in the SNP manifesto aimed at island voters as "insulting the intelligence of anyone who has followed their actual record".

On the "100 bonds for houses" proposal,  Labour candidate Shaun Fraser said: "This is about gimmick rather than substance. At best, the result would be a handful of houses in any of Scotland's 93 inhabited islands without even targeting the areas of declining population. 

"As usual, the promises do not match the SNP's record. Under their watch, the Crofter Housing Grant and Loan Scheme has been systematically run down.

 "If they had any commitment to the substance of the issue, they could start by increasing or even restoring the budget of the scheme and reinstating the loan element.  

"As for limiting the number of second homes, this is a hardy annual which is much easier to promise than to deliver – which is why they intend to pass the buck to local authorities while taking away so many of their other powers. In many crofting areas the horse has already bolted and the only answer is to release more housing and land at affordable cost. 

"Once again, there is an existing answer, which is to give the Crofting Commission the resources it needs to enforce regulation to prevent the sale of crofts as glorified house sites, at prices far beyond the reach of local people, to individuals with no intention of ever working them."

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ALLAN, Alasdair James

Scottish National Party (SNP)


The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

FRASER, Shaun Alexander

Scottish Labour Party


Time for Change


Scottish Liberal Democrats